Connected Bloodlines

Eliot, York, Maine, USA


Latitude: 43.1531427, Longitude: -70.8000544


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Permelia "Amelia"  Abt 1839Eliot, York, Maine, USA I21427
2 FROST, Nathaniel  20 Sep 1794Eliot, York, Maine, USA I5722
3 FURBISH, Carrie Augusta  5 Apr 1858Eliot, York, Maine, USA I5751
4 FURBISH, Charles Fremont  27 Nov 1855Eliot, York, Maine, USA I5750
5 FURBISH, Frances Emily  24 Mar 1851Eliot, York, Maine, USA I5748
6 FURBISH, Frederick Baker  21 Jan 1849Eliot, York, Maine, USA I5747
7 FURBISH, George Hartley  18 Feb 1863Eliot, York, Maine, USA I5753
8 FURBISH, Howard Bartlett  18 Jul 1853Eliot, York, Maine, USA I5749
9 FURBISH, Joseph  26 Feb 1805Eliot, York, Maine, USA I5710
10 FURBISH, Joseph Hall  17 Mar 1847Eliot, York, Maine, USA I5746
11 FURBUSH, Hopewell  12 May 1672Eliot, York, Maine, USA I1649
12 GOOLD, William  1715Eliot, York, Maine, USA I21266
13 GOULD, Bethia  19 Jun 1728Eliot, York, Maine, USA I21265


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Caroline Greenleaf  4 Jan 1896Eliot, York, Maine, USA I5725
2 BARTLETT, Nathan  18 Jun 1775Eliot, York, Maine, USA I20889
3 FERNALD, Samuel  1764Eliot, York, Maine, USA I1667
4 FROST, Nathaniel  9 Jun 1848Eliot, York, Maine, USA I5722
5 FURBUSH, Bethiah  1747Eliot, York, Maine, USA I1660
6 FURBUSH, Rebecca  1782Eliot, York, Maine, USA I1633
7 FURBUSH, Stephen  5 Oct 1826Eliot, York, Maine, USA I5672
8 GOOLD, Benjamin  1791Eliot, York, Maine, USA I1665
9 GOULD, Joseph I  10 May 1762Eliot, York, Maine, USA I1661
10 HILL, Benjamin  3 Nov 1788Eliot, York, Maine, USA I5881
11 NEWSON, Kenneth C.  2 Feb 2004Eliot, York, Maine, USA I21436


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FURBISH / GRANT  29 Sep 1872Eliot, York, Maine, USA F2169