Connected Bloodlines

Berwick, York, Maine, USA


Latitude: 43.2683199, Longitude: -70.8635506


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHASE, Lucinda  2 Nov 1811Berwick, York, Maine, USA I7145
2 EMERY, George  Abt 1763Berwick, York, Maine, USA I4406
3 EMERY, Mary  Bef 25 Nov 1732Berwick, York, Maine, USA I5586
4 FURBISH, Olive  6 May 1733Berwick, York, Maine, USA I1679
5 FURBUSH, Abraham  1783Berwick, York, Maine, USA I887
6 FURBUSH, Eunice  24 May 1749Berwick, York, Maine, USA I5660
7 FURBUSH, Isaac  May 1783Berwick, York, Maine, USA I895
8 FURBUSH, Jacob  Abt 1785-1787Berwick, York, Maine, USA I894
9 FURBUSH, Joseph  17 Jul 1735Berwick, York, Maine, USA I5656
10 FURBUSH, Mehetabel  Bef 8 May 1757Berwick, York, Maine, USA I7138
11 FURBUSH, Nathan  1726Berwick, York, Maine, USA I5580
12 HAMILTON, Aaron  30 Apr 1791Berwick, York, Maine, USA I1691
13 HAMILTON, Eunice  Abt 1782Berwick, York, Maine, USA I1687
14 HEARD, Lois  18 Mar 1779Berwick, York, Maine, USA I6649
15 HEARD, Mary “Molly”  3 Mar 1769Berwick, York, Maine, USA I888
16 LORD, Anna  27 May 1697Berwick, York, Maine, USA I1664
17 MEADS, Elizabeth  1714Berwick, York, Maine, USA I1671
18 MERRIAM, John  1 Aug 1776Berwick, York, Maine, USA I5427
19 NEAL, Patience  3 Apr 1781Berwick, York, Maine, USA I5426


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Mary “Molly”  23 Sep 1819Berwick, York, Maine, USA I6645
2 FURBISH, Samuel  14 Oct 1794Berwick, York, Maine, USA I1684
3 FURBUSH, Joseph  5 Apr 1795Berwick, York, Maine, USA I1639
4 HEARD, Benjamin  2 Feb 1817Berwick, York, Maine, USA I6644
5 MEADS, Elizabeth  1764Berwick, York, Maine, USA I1671
6 NEAL, Hannah  Bef Aug 1736Berwick, York, Maine, USA I21255
7 NEAL, Rebecca  Bef Aug 1736Berwick, York, Maine, USA I21256
8 PRAY, Joseph  10 Oct 1748Berwick, York, Maine, USA I6288
9 PREBLE, Sarah  Berwick, York, Maine, USA I902
10 RICKER, Benjamin F.  25 Oct 1875Berwick, York, Maine, USA I23530
11 STACY, Hannah  12 May 1773Berwick, York, Maine, USA I5666


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FURBISH / ABBOTT  18 Mar 1771Berwick, York, Maine, USA F795
2 FURBISH / WADLEIGH  12 Jan 1834Berwick, York, Maine, USA F2154
3 FURBUSH / HEARD  17 Feb 1803Berwick, York, Maine, USA F456
4 FURBUSH / HOOPER  8 Jan 1778Berwick, York, Maine, USA F460
5 FURBUSH / LORD  18 Dec 1718Berwick, York, Maine, USA F767
6 FURBUSH / STACY  17 Dec 1769Berwick, York, Maine, USA F2129
7 HEARD / ANDREWS  8 Sep 1768Berwick, York, Maine, USA F2480
8 MERRIAM / NEAL  25 Oct 1798Berwick, York, Maine, USA F2052