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We are looking for a Lowell cousin to come forward to assist in the exploration of the history of the Lowle family before its known genealogy and refine the connection of the whole family to the House of Wettin. The Lowell/Lowle family appears to have a common ancestor with the House of Wettin around 1000 years ago. We are trying to determine definitively whether the family has Norman roots.

This research is being organized by the volunteers at the R-U106 haplogroup project at Family Tree DNA. I have been working with Dr. Iain McDonald, Co-admin, R-U106/S21 haplogroup project. Dr. McDonald is also a Researcher at the University of Manchester. His website is:

We are seeking individual(s) who are: 1) direct male-line descendants of John Lowle (1595-1647), son of Percival Lowle (abt 1570-8 Jan 1664/5); 2) willing to have a Big Y-700 YDNA test done by FamilyTreeDNA; and 3) willing to permit their DNA results to be shared in confidence with the R-U106 team of researchers.

The House of Wettin is one of the oldest in Europe and its descendants have ascended the thrones of England, Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, Saxony, and Belgium.

If interested or if you have additional questions, please contact me via the Contact Us link below. Dr. McDonald and his team are also happy to answer any questions that you may have about the process. You can contact him via his website.

Thank you for your consideration.

Gerald R. Lowell

Fuengirola, Spain

19 Jun 2022

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