Connected Bloodlines: Genealogical and social history for over 28,000 individuals; 5,410 unique surnames; and 10,035 families. Some families are covered comprehensively, for example Reuben Lowell of Maine (1739-1824) and his descendants, which include John Fairfield Lowell's descendants in South Dakota. Among other family names: Furbush/Furbish, Peterson (in Maine), Trask, Leubecher, Miller (in South Dakota and Iowa), and Volsch/Voelsch. Also included are Norwegian ancestors from far above the Arctic Circle in the VesterĂ¥len Islands in Nordland County, and from Norwegian places like Stord and Bergen in Hordaland County, and Hol in Buskerud County; and Jewish ancestors from Poland and Russia, with names like Balowitz, Block, Fishman, Hershkowitz, Krimsky, and Shapiro. Connected Bloodlines also includes artifacts, documents, and memorabilia under Histories and Documents. Histories includes Awards; Correspondence; Diaries; Education; Heirlooms; Immigration; Newspaper Articles; Religion; and Stories. Documents includes Birth; Census; Death; Land Records; Marriage; Military; and Wills.

UPDATE (17 Mar 2023): I have been updating and correcting medieval era records on Connected Bloodlines. If you discover errors when working with these medieval records, I would deeply appreciate hearing from you via the Contact Us link below. Thank you for your assistance — Gerald R. Lowell

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