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Correspondence. Lowell, Gerald R. Postcard of the Yuryev Monastery to Gudrun Nelson.

Sent from the Soviet Union in January 1968, while Gerald was on a month-long study trip. Message: Dear Grandma, This is a beautiful ancient monastery which we visited this morning in Novgorod, one-time capital of U.S.S.R. [Ed. note: Novgorod was never the capital of the U.S.S.R.] Quite different looking, however, in the wintertime, with snow everywhere. Has been very cold or "ochen kholodno" as a Russian would say. Am enjoying the tour very much. The rest of the students are great and very friendly--it's like we were all brothers & sisters nearly. We're at Leningrad tonite--tomorrow we take the train to Kiev, where hopefully it won't be quite so cold. Until later, love, Jerry.


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