Connected Bloodlines

South Dakota, USA



Latitude: 43.9695148, Longitude: -99.9018131


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Etha (?)  Abt 1900South Dakota, USA I3243
2 ANDREWS, Samuel  Sep 1890South Dakota, USA I13042
3 BAKER, Evelyn Grace  12 Oct 1911South Dakota, USA I1266
4 CARLS, Anna "Annie" Elsie Wilhelmina  4 Jan 1888South Dakota, USA I769
5 CARROLL, Charles   I1234
6 CARROLL, Charles Martin  27 Jul 1888South Dakota, USA I1220
7 CARROLL, Roger   I1230
8 CHAPIN, Ruby  13 Jun 1887South Dakota, USA I3120
9 CHRISTOPHERSON, Helen Adina  1902South Dakota, USA I4320
10 GERAETS, Clarence B.   I9994
11 GERAETS, George F.   I9995
12 GERAETS, James J.   I9996
13 GERAETS, John A.   I9989
14 GERAETS, Leonard W.   I9998
15 GERAETS, Maria A.   I9990
16 GERAETS, Peter A.   I9992
17 GRONEWALD, Arthur   I18794
18 GRONEWALD, Betty A.   I2173
19 GRONEWALD, Harley J.  Abt 1932South Dakota, USA I18793
20 GRONEWALD, Mavis   I18795
21 HAAK, Albert John Charles  13 Sep 1896South Dakota, USA I2252
22 HAINES, George Alfred  31 Aug 1885South Dakota, USA I982
23 HOFSTAD, Harold Jerome  2 Mar 1918South Dakota, USA I21766
24 HOMMES, Vera  Oct 1895South Dakota, USA I1832
25 IHLI, Emma B.  Feb 1892South Dakota, USA I12823
26 IHLI, John  Jul 1895South Dakota, USA I12825
27 IHLI, Mary  Sep 1893South Dakota, USA I12824
28 JOHNSON, Albert  Nov 1885South Dakota, USA I21066
29 LEASE, Art Gerald  2 Jul 1912South Dakota, USA I12973
30 LEASE, Evelyn   I12978
31 LEUBECHER, Dorothy Aileen  9 Oct 1915South Dakota, USA I986
32 LIESINGER, Anna  6 Oct 1883South Dakota, USA I163
33 LINDQUIST, Violet Eselia  19 Jun 1894South Dakota, USA I13039
34 LOWELL, John G.  Sep 1881South Dakota, USA I2242
35 LOWELL, Maude E.  Dec 1879South Dakota, USA I2241
36 MILLER, Leo R.  28 Sep 1906South Dakota, USA I1325
37 MILLER, Martin David   I19459
38 MORCK, Nora Marie  6 Jan 1884South Dakota, USA I21768
39 MOSCHELL, Alan Duwane  29 Jun 1924South Dakota, USA I4230
40 MOSCHELL, Ardath Elaine   I4232
41 MOSCHELL, Elda   I4233
42 ODENBRETT, Catherine H.  25 Jul 1908South Dakota, USA I8970
43 RIX, Ellen Ella May  20 Jan 1911South Dakota, USA I2248
44 ROGERS, Emily J.  Abt 1890South Dakota, USA I12976
45 SCHWADER, James "Jimmie" John  9 Mar 1927South Dakota, USA I4228
46 SCHWADER, June Louise  1918South Dakota, USA I4194
47 SCHWADER, Robert Emery  8 Feb 1926South Dakota, USA I4227
48 STANGOHR, Arnold George Edwin   I1250
49 STANGOHR, Franz "Frank" Augustus Henry  28 May 1907South Dakota, USA I764
50 STANGOHR, Gordon Roy Lloyd   I778
51 STANGOHR, Irene Inez Marie   I1835
52 STANGOHR, Marcella Ruth Ethel   I4229
53 STANGOHR, Ruth Lois  14 Nov 1928South Dakota, USA I4234
54 SUTTER, Ernest  Abt 1915South Dakota, USA I4346
55 TERRIO, Lilly  Feb 1899South Dakota, USA I1762
56 TERRIO, Lorraine   I4321
57 TERRIO, Robert  1902South Dakota, USA I1761
58 VOELSCH, Donald Henry  26 Jun 1921South Dakota, USA I2260
59 VOELSCH, Willhelm “Willie” Heinrich L.  2 Sep 1908South Dakota, USA I2165
60 WELD, Wilma Johanna   I4220
61 WILLEY, Donald A.   I19049


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CARROLL, Charles Martin  21 Aug 1977South Dakota, USA I1220
2 DECKER, Juliana  9 Nov 1905South Dakota, USA I12826
3 LIESINGER, Anna  Dec 1976South Dakota, USA I163
4 RASMUSSEN, Leslie Andrew  Apr 1984South Dakota, USA I4379
5 SCHWADER, June Louise  1918South Dakota, USA I4194


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COLLINS / MILLER  1911South Dakota, USA F284
2 JANUARY / PLOTNICO  May 1958South Dakota, USA F1350