Sortland, Nordland, Norway


Tree: Lowell&Block
Latitude: 68.6985753625721, Longitude: 15.40652191782226


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDREASDTR, Gjertrud Dortea  1796Sortland, Nordland, Norway I10405 Lowell&Block 
2 ANDREASDTR, Nella Marie  1800Sortland, Nordland, Norway I10407 Lowell&Block 
3 ANDREASDTR, Pernilla  1794Sortland, Nordland, Norway I10404 Lowell&Block 
4 ANDREASSEN, Nils  1799Sortland, Nordland, Norway I10406 Lowell&Block 
5 ANDREASSEN, Nils Mikal  1803Sortland, Nordland, Norway I10408 Lowell&Block 
6 ANDREASSEN, Rolf  13 May 1906Sortland, Nordland, Norway I912 Lowell&Block 
7 ANDREASSEN, Turid Aud   I927 Lowell&Block 
8 EDVARDSEN, Karen Elfrida  6 May 1906Sortland, Nordland, Norway I10417 Lowell&Block 
9 HANSSEN, Aase Karine   I10414 Lowell&Block 
10 HANSSEN, Dagulv Asbjørn   I10415 Lowell&Block 
11 JOHNSEN, Elna Kristine  17 Jun 1912Sortland, Nordland, Norway I10437 Lowell&Block 
12 LAGESEN, Olga Karlene Perny  13 Apr 1902Sortland, Nordland, Norway I926 Lowell&Block 
13 LANGVOLD, Tora Beate   I10595 Lowell&Block 
14 LUDVIGSEN, Betzy Katinka  30 Dec 1909Sortland, Nordland, Norway I10420 Lowell&Block 
15 NILSSEN, Magne   I10418 Lowell&Block 
16 STRØM OLSEN, Andreas  1 May 1850Sortland, Nordland, Norway I172 Lowell&Block 
17 WIIK, Herlaug Gudrun Kristine   I911 Lowell&Block 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDREASSEN, Rolf  24 May 1969Sortland, Nordland, Norway I912 Lowell&Block 
2 HANSDTR, Hildegunn Alvilde Elise  9 May 1987Sortland, Nordland, Norway I915 Lowell&Block 
3 HANSEN, Geir Arne   I10454 Lowell&Block 
4 HANSEN, Hans Petter  21 Oct 1936Sortland, Nordland, Norway I700 Lowell&Block 
5 HANSSEN, Kristine Margrethe  28 Jan 1936Sortland, Nordland, Norway I142 Lowell&Block 
6 JOHANSEN, Nikoline Johanna  18 Sep 1968Sortland, Nordland, Norway I8935 Lowell&Block 
7 LAGESEN, Christoffer Jæger  26 Oct 1943Sortland, Nordland, Norway I11520 Lowell&Block 
8 LAGESEN, Kristian Berg  6 Nov 1977Sortland, Nordland, Norway I17480 Lowell&Block 
9 LAGESEN, Olga Karlene Perny  20 Aug 1989Sortland, Nordland, Norway I926 Lowell&Block 
10 LAGESEN, Torstein Arneberg  12 Dec 2005Sortland, Nordland, Norway I17474 Lowell&Block 
11 LARSDTR, Margreta Sophie  5 Apr 1859Sortland, Nordland, Norway I10043 Lowell&Block 
12 OLSEN, Eline Fredrikke  13 Jun 1949Sortland, Nordland, Norway I11521 Lowell&Block 
13 OLSEN, Hansine Birgitte  7 Mar 1970Sortland, Nordland, Norway I159 Lowell&Block 
14 STAMNES, Hans Jarle  15 Aug 1980Sortland, Nordland, Norway I10413 Lowell&Block 
15 STRØM OLSEN, Andreas  10 Feb 1924Sortland, Nordland, Norway I172 Lowell&Block 
16 VIK, Petra Margrethe  1 Apr 1959Sortland, Nordland, Norway I161 Lowell&Block 
17 VOLDEN, Aksel Kristian  5 Jun 1997Sortland, Nordland, Norway I916 Lowell&Block 
18 WIIK, Herlaug Gudrun Kristine   I911 Lowell&Block 
19 WIIK, Oscar Arnold Andreassen  1 May 1937Sortland, Nordland, Norway I160 Lowell&Block 
20 WIK OLSEN, Alf Kristian Tobias  27 Mar 1982Sortland, Nordland, Norway I173 Lowell&Block 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSEN / JAKOBSDTR MAAS  6 Nov 1862Sortland, Nordland, Norway F377 Lowell&Block 
2 ANDERSEN / LARSDTR  23 Oct 1856Sortland, Nordland, Norway F3538 Lowell&Block 
3 GRANLI / WIIK   F481 Lowell&Block 
4 LARSEN / OLSDTR  10 Jul 1873Sortland, Nordland, Norway F1941 Lowell&Block 
5 NIELSEN / ANDREASDTR  7 Oct 1820Sortland, Nordland, Norway F3634 Lowell&Block 
6 OLSEN / KORNELIUSSEN  30 Sep 1869Sortland, Nordland, Norway F1940 Lowell&Block 
7 WIIK / HANSDTR  6 Jul 1916Sortland, Nordland, Norway F266 Lowell&Block