New York, USA


Tree: Lowell&Block
Latitude: 42.779659764466125, Longitude: -74.1378090375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?, Josephine  New York, USA I4919 Lowell&Block 
2 ALLEN, Sarah C.  May 1826New York, USA I3620 Lowell&Block 
3 BAKER, Edna Matilda  4 Sep 1897New York, USA I10506 Lowell&Block 
4 BALOWITZ, Norma C.   I792 Lowell&Block 
5 BALOWITZ, Seymour   I790 Lowell&Block 
6 BELL, Edith Wenzel  Abt 1893New York, USA I2112 Lowell&Block 
7 BLOCK, Aaron "Archie"   I8833 Lowell&Block 
8 BLOCK, Saul   I8834 Lowell&Block 
9 BODCHIN, Evelyn   I17104 Lowell&Block 
10 BRADBURY, Paul W.  9 Nov 1915New York, USA I2114 Lowell&Block 
11 BRADBURY, Vivian M.   I2113 Lowell&Block 
12 BROWNELL, Charlotte "Lottie"  Mar 1883New York, USA I17930 Lowell&Block 
13 BROWNELL, Harvey Austin  Sep 1891New York, USA I17934 Lowell&Block 
14 BROWNELL, Margaret J.  Abt 1853New York, USA I17942 Lowell&Block 
15 BROWNELL, Nettie  Sep 1885New York, USA I17931 Lowell&Block 
16 BROWNELL, Richard  Mar 1848New York, USA I17921 Lowell&Block 
17 BROWNELL, William  Nov 1886New York, USA I17932 Lowell&Block 
18 BURRELL, A. W.  Abt 1833New York, USA I3621 Lowell&Block 
19 BURRELL, Charles  Abt 1868New York, USA I3647 Lowell&Block 
20 BURRELL, Dorothy “Dora”  17 Feb 1831New York, USA I974 Lowell&Block 
21 BURRELL, Ella  Abt 1859New York, USA I3644 Lowell&Block 
22 BURRELL, Glen  Abt 1856New York, USA I3643 Lowell&Block 
23 BURRELL, Harry  Abt 1862New York, USA I3645 Lowell&Block 
24 BURRELL, Samuel N.  Abt 1796New York, USA I3614 Lowell&Block 
25 BURRELL, William  Abt 1864New York, USA I3646 Lowell&Block 
26 CHAPMAN, Allen   I17460 Lowell&Block 
27 CHAPMAN, Edwin E.  18 Jan 1933New York, USA I17463 Lowell&Block 
28 CHAPMAN, Irwin Karl  27 May 1928New York, USA I17462 Lowell&Block 
29 CHAPMAN, Ruth   I17458 Lowell&Block 
30 CHAPMAN, Selma   I17459 Lowell&Block 
31 CONKLIN, Charles H.  Abt 1831New York, USA I975 Lowell&Block 
32 CONKLIN, Flora M.  6 Nov 1858New York, USA I978 Lowell&Block 
33 COON, Franklin A.  Abt 1875New York, USA I3067 Lowell&Block 
34 COUCH, George  Dec 1823New York, USA I2502 Lowell&Block 
35 ELLIS, Raymond R. Jr.  28 Oct 1939New York, USA I20410 Lowell&Block 
36 FERGUSON, Mary M.  Abt 1877New York, USA I3021 Lowell&Block 
37 FISHMAN, David   I9966 Lowell&Block 
38 FISHMAN, Mary   I9965 Lowell&Block 
39 FISHMAN, Max   I9967 Lowell&Block 
40 FISHMAN, Usher or Osher or Arthur   I9964 Lowell&Block 
41 GUTFRUCHT, Rudolph A.  Jul 1887New York, USA I10509 Lowell&Block 
42 HUTCHINS, Moses  1790New York, USA I11133 Lowell&Block 
43 LAVENDER, Maude A.  10 May 1874New York, USA I3410 Lowell&Block 
44 LAVENDER, Theodore  Jul 1838New York, USA I437 Lowell&Block 
45 LEVOVSKY, Lillian  Abt 1896New York, USA I17856 Lowell&Block 
46 LEVOVSKY, Sarah “Sally”  19 Nov 1904New York, USA I17107 Lowell&Block 
47 LODGE, Roy William  5 Mar 1892New York, USA I3589 Lowell&Block 
48 LONT, Ida Mary  31 Aug 1908New York, USA I3079 Lowell&Block 
49 LOWELL, Eva  20 Feb 1857New York, USA I2863 Lowell&Block 
50 LOWELL, Leon H.  1 Dec 1893New York, USA I2216 Lowell&Block 
51 MCCLAY, Mary A.  Abt 1832New York, USA I3619 Lowell&Block 
52 MORGAN, Joseph Paul  4 Nov 1908New York, USA I1242 Lowell&Block 
53 REDFIELD, Horace A.  Oct 1855New York, USA I635 Lowell&Block 
54 ROWE, Carolyn E.   I3083 Lowell&Block 
55 ROWE, Claude J.   I3082 Lowell&Block 
56 RUSSELL, Ella T.  Apr 1851New York, USA I1717 Lowell&Block 
57 RUSSELL, Perry  New York, USA I1724 Lowell&Block 
58 SACKMAN, Ben “Benny”  14 Aug 1912New York, USA I2189 Lowell&Block 
59 SACKMAN, Louis “Louie”  20 May 1907New York, USA I2188 Lowell&Block 
60 SACKMAN, Rose “Rosie”   I2186 Lowell&Block 
61 SATTERLY, Sylvia  Abt 1798New York, USA I11134 Lowell&Block 
62 SHERMAN, Norma   I17861 Lowell&Block 
63 SHIELDS, Allen L.   I2005 Lowell&Block 
64 TERRIO, Alexander  12 May 1860New York, USA I754 Lowell&Block 
65 WEINSTEIN, Leonard   I17467 Lowell&Block 
66 WEST, Grace Lane  16 Aug 1892New York, USA I1833 Lowell&Block 
67 WILKINSON, Lena A.  Nov 1861New York, USA I3060 Lowell&Block 
68 WINCHESTER, Eugene Cyrus  Feb 1856New York, USA I3058 Lowell&Block 
69 WRIGHT, Bertha  Aug 1876New York, USA I17939 Lowell&Block 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURRELL, Samuel N.  Bef 1850New York, USA I3614 Lowell&Block 
2 CURTIS, Helen  1961New York, USA I2032 Lowell&Block 
3 ROWE, Gilman W.  Jun 1990New York, USA I3080 Lowell&Block 
4 WARNER, John Mathias (Matthes)  17 Nov 1785New York, USA I18178 Lowell&Block