Connected Bloodlines

New York, USA



Latitude: 42.779659764466125, Longitude: -74.1378090375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Elizabeth "Lil"  Abt 1865New York, USA I20858
2 ?, Josephine  New York, USA I4919
3 ALLEN, Sarah C.  May 1826New York, USA I3620
4 BAKER, Edna Matilda  4 Sep 1897New York, USA I10506
5 BALOWITZ, Norma C.   I792
6 BALOWITZ, Seymour   I790
7 BELL, Edith Wenzel  Abt 1893New York, USA I2112
8 BLOCK, Aaron "Archie"   I8833
9 BLOCK, Saul   I8834
10 BODCHIN, Evelyn   I17104
11 BRADBURY, Paul W.  9 Nov 1915New York, USA I2114
12 BRADBURY, Vivian M.   I2113
13 BRODER, Cecelia  Dec 1858New York, USA I20859
14 BROWNELL, Charlotte "Lottie"  Mar 1883New York, USA I17930
15 BROWNELL, Harvey Austin  Sep 1891New York, USA I17934
16 BROWNELL, Margaret J.  Abt 1853New York, USA I17942
17 BROWNELL, Nettie  Sep 1885New York, USA I17931
18 BROWNELL, Richard  Mar 1848New York, USA I17921
19 BROWNELL, William  Nov 1886New York, USA I17932
20 BURRELL, A. W.  Abt 1833New York, USA I3621
21 BURRELL, Charles  Abt 1868New York, USA I3647
22 BURRELL, Dorothy “Dora”  17 Feb 1831New York, USA I974
23 BURRELL, Ella  Abt 1859New York, USA I3644
24 BURRELL, Glen  Abt 1856New York, USA I3643
25 BURRELL, Harry  Abt 1862New York, USA I3645
26 BURRELL, Samuel N.  Abt 1796New York, USA I3614
27 BURRELL, William  Abt 1864New York, USA I3646
28 CHAPMAN, Allen   I17460
29 CHAPMAN, Edwin E.  18 Jan 1933New York, USA I17463
30 CHAPMAN, Irwin Karl  27 May 1928New York, USA I17462
31 CHAPMAN, Ruth   I17458
32 CHAPMAN, Selma   I17459
33 CONKLIN, Charles H.  Abt 1831New York, USA I975
34 COON, Franklin A.  Abt 1875New York, USA I3067
35 COUCH, George  Dec 1823New York, USA I2502
36 CROAKE, Dennis H.  Abt 1906New York, USA I20841
37 CROAKE, Mary Magdalene  Nov 1895New York, USA I20822
38 CROAKE, Thomas F.  Abt 1902New York, USA I20840
39 ELLIS, Raymond R. Jr.  28 Oct 1939New York, USA I20410
40 FERGUSON, Mary M.  Abt 1877New York, USA I3021
41 FISHMAN, David   I9966
42 FISHMAN, Mary   I9965
43 FISHMAN, Max   I9967
44 FISHMAN, Usher or Osher or Arthur   I9964
45 GARVEY, Eleanor Florence  Mar 1899New York, USA I20832
46 GARVEY, Regina  Nov 1892New York, USA I20831
47 GARVEY, Rita Elizabeth  Feb 1897New York, USA I20829
48 GARVEY, Thomas   I20826
49 GARVEY, Thomas Francis  Oct 1863New York, USA I20828
50 GOLDSTON, Frances  1864New York, USA I20811
51 GUTFRUCHT, Rudolph A.  Jul 1887New York, USA I10509
52 HOLLAND, Sarah  Aug 1865New York, USA I20835
53 HUTCHINS, Moses  1790New York, USA I11133
54 KLING, Richard A.  5 Jan 1926New York, USA I21199
55 LAVENDER, Maude A.  10 May 1874New York, USA I3410
56 LAVENDER, Theodore  Jul 1838New York, USA I437
57 LEVOVSKY, Lillian  Abt 1896New York, USA I17856
58 LEVOVSKY, Sarah “Sally”  19 Nov 1904New York, USA I17107
59 LODGE, Roy William  5 Mar 1892New York, USA I3589
60 LONT, Ida Mary  31 Aug 1908New York, USA I3079
61 LOWELL, Eva  20 Feb 1857New York, USA I2863
62 LOWELL, Leon Herbert  1 Dec 1893New York, USA I2216
63 MCCLAY, Mary A.  Abt 1832New York, USA I3619
64 MORGAN, Joseph Paul  4 Nov 1908New York, USA I1242
65 NOURSE, Alice  Abt 1851New York, USA I22317
66 OLSEN, Anna E.  Abt 1896New York, USA I12556
67 REDFIELD, Horace A.  Oct 1855New York, USA I635
68 ROWE, Carolyn E.   I3083
69 ROWE, Claude J.   I3082
70 RUSSELL, Ella T.  Apr 1851New York, USA I1717
71 RUSSELL, Perry  New York, USA I1724
72 SACKMAN, Ben “Benny”  14 Aug 1912New York, USA I2189
73 SACKMAN, Louis “Louie”  20 May 1907New York, USA I2188
74 SACKMAN, Rose “Rosie”   I2186
75 SATTERLY, Sylvia  Abt 1798New York, USA I11134
76 SHERMAN, Norma   I17861
77 TERRIO, Alexander  12 May 1860New York, USA I754
78 WEINSTEIN, Leonard  Abt 1915New York, USA I17467
79 WEST, Grace Lane  16 Aug 1892New York, USA I1833
80 WILKINSON, Lena A.  Nov 1861New York, USA I3060
81 WINCHESTER, Eugene Cyrus  Feb 1856New York, USA I3058
82 WRIGHT, Bertha  Aug 1876New York, USA I17939


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURRELL, Samuel N.  Bef 1850New York, USA I3614
2 CURTIS, Helen  1961New York, USA I2032
3 NOURSE, Alice  15 Jun 1878New York, USA I22317
4 ROWE, Gilman W.  Jun 1990New York, USA I3080
5 WARNER, John Mathias (Matthes)  17 Nov 1785New York, USA I18178


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GILCHRIST / PRINCE  23 Jun 1934New York, USA F15919
2 JOHNSON / NOURSE  14 Mar 1876New York, USA F16552