Connected Bloodlines

Minnesota, USA



Latitude: 46.7295530, Longitude: -94.6858998


Matches 1 to 130 of 130

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Bertha I.  Abt 1894Minnesota, USA I3399
2 ?, Blanch  Abt 1894Minnesota, USA I3239
3 ?, Emma E.  10 May 1904Minnesota, USA I2805
4 ?, Hattie B.  Mar 1870Minnesota, USA I3234
5 BROCKHOUSE, Henry  2 Oct 1908Minnesota, USA I1237
6 BRUNS, Dorothy May  4 Apr 1883Minnesota, USA I3398
7 CAMPBELL, Henrietta E.  1846Minnesota, USA I1716
8 CAMPBELL, Josie M.  Abt 1875Minnesota, USA I2309
9 CARTER, Agnes Clara  3 Mar 1893Minnesota, USA I4090
10 CARTER, Eliza Mar  21 Feb 1901Minnesota, USA I4093
11 CARTER, Elizabeth Jan  12 May 1891Minnesota, USA I4089
12 CARTER, Elmer Michael  24 Mar 1888Minnesota, USA I4088
13 CARTER, Francis W. “Frank”  Abt 1887Minnesota, USA I4087
14 DUGAS, Edith Johannah  8 May 1890Minnesota, USA I4030
15 EATON, Jessie M.  1876Minnesota, USA I3105
16 ESPEN, Henry A.  3 Sep 1889Minnesota, USA I962
17 ESPEN, Olga Emily  7 May 1893Minnesota, USA I963
18 FINSTROM, Jeannette   I3207
19 FINSTROM, Oscar Henry  15 Aug 1896Minnesota, USA I3206
20 FOX, Effie Maude  Abt 1880Minnesota, USA I10945
21 FULTON, Keith  Abt 1913Minnesota, USA I2709
22 FULTON, Philip Douglas  23 Jan 1900Minnesota, USA I2708
23 GARDNER, Blanche  Mar 1859Minnesota, USA I2240
24 GREEN, Eleanor Ruth  1 Aug 1905Minnesota, USA I22312
25 GROCHOWSKI, Antoinette "Neek"  9 Nov 1936Minnesota, USA I5139
26 HALL, Lizzie H.  Mar 1890Minnesota, USA I3407
27 HALL, Marjorie H.  6 Apr 1894Minnesota, USA I3408
28 HATCHER, Donald A.  21 May 1905Minnesota, USA I3912
29 HATCHER, Pearl Laura  1 Aug 1885Minnesota, USA I3910
30 HATCHER, Russell Garland  28 Jul 1906Minnesota, USA I3913
31 HERRICK, Almar  Oct 1888Minnesota, USA I3405
32 HERRICK, Edward  Oct 1886Minnesota, USA I3404
33 HERRICK, Eugene  Dec 1890Minnesota, USA I3406
34 HERRICK, John  Jul 1878Minnesota, USA I3402
35 HERRICK, Maud  Apr 1883Minnesota, USA I3403
36 HESS, Charlotte  Abt 1901Minnesota, USA I18538
37 HOCHNE, Irvin  Abt 1897Minnesota, USA I5281
38 HOFSTAD, Alton James  4 Dec 1912Minnesota, USA I21763
39 HOMMES, John  3 Jan 1865Minnesota, USA I941
40 JOHNSON, Bert  15 Apr 1883Minnesota, USA I5084
41 KLATT, Winnifred M.  10 Sep 1905Minnesota, USA I2813
42 LEEMAN, Abygil “Abbie” Mae  26 May 1892Minnesota, USA I3576
43 LEEMAN, Arthur Edward  7 Nov 1893Minnesota, USA I3577
44 LEEMAN, Bessie A.  Apr 1891Minnesota, USA I3575
45 LEEMAN, Frederick  Abt 1852Minnesota, USA I2872
46 LEEMAN, George H.  Jun 1856Minnesota, USA I2874
47 LEEMAN, Isabelle "Belle"  Abt 1871Minnesota, USA I2881
48 LEEMAN, Jessie  Abt 1879Minnesota, USA I2895
49 LEEMAN, Mable  15 Nov 1896Minnesota, USA I3578
50 LEEMAN, Mariella  Abt 1867Minnesota, USA I2879
51 LEEMAN, Martha Jane “Matty”  8 Jan 1864Minnesota, USA I2876
52 LEEMAN, Mary  Oct 1879Minnesota, USA I2886
53 LEEMAN, Mary Abigail "Abbie"  1869Minnesota, USA I2880
54 LEEMAN, Phebe  Abt 1878Minnesota, USA I2885
55 LEEMAN, Rose M.  Abt 1858Minnesota, USA I2875
56 LEEMAN, Ruben L.  1867Minnesota, USA I2878
57 LOWELL, Ada  Nov 1897Minnesota, USA I3113
58 LOWELL, Amy M.  Abt 1904Minnesota, USA I3238
59 LOWELL, Carol Jody  Abt 1906Minnesota, USA I3118
60 LOWELL, Clair A.  Jan 1894Minnesota, USA I3236
61 LOWELL, Edna M.  Feb 1891Minnesota, USA I3235
62 LOWELL, Eleanor Leona   I3520
63 LOWELL, Foster F.  15 Dec 1896Minnesota, USA I3237
64 LOWELL, Frances F.  Abt 1904Minnesota, USA I3117
65 LOWELL, George C.  May 1864Minnesota, USA I3107
66 LOWELL, George Russell  26 Dec 1907Minnesota, USA I3119
67 LOWELL, Hazel E.  Oct 1891Minnesota, USA I3109
68 LOWELL, Kenneth E.  14 Sep 1920Minnesota, USA I3131
69 LOWELL, Leona Jeanette  8 Jul 1896Minnesota, USA I3112
70 LOWELL, Lilla  Abt 1907Minnesota, USA I3115
71 LOWELL, Lois E.   I3123
72 LOWELL, Merlon   I3240
73 LOWELL, Ralph Clifford  14 Dec 1894Minnesota, USA I3110
74 LOWELL, Raymond Morris  5 May 1885Minnesota, USA I2790
75 LOWELL, Wallace R.  25 Mar 1924Minnesota, USA I3521
76 MATTSON, Alvah L.  4 Dec 1888Minnesota, USA I3511
77 MATTSON, Ethel  May 1886Minnesota, USA I3510
78 MATTSON, George  Feb 1881Minnesota, USA I3508
79 MATTSON, Grace  Mar 1892Minnesota, USA I3512
80 MCDONALD, Joseph  Abt 1865Minnesota, USA I2705
81 MILLER, Herbert K.  Aug 1889Minnesota, USA I3947
82 MINEHART, Harrison P.  12 Mar 1926Minnesota, USA I3213
83 MINEHART, Patricia Lou   I3212
84 MINEHART, Robert L.  30 May 1929Minnesota, USA I3214
85 MITCHELL, Delbert Donald Sr.  20 Feb 1917Minnesota, USA I4887
86 MITCHELL, Etta Grace   I4888
87 MITCHELL, Marvin   I4889
88 MITCHELL, Mary   I4885
89 MOODY, Benjamin Harold  12 Jun 1921Minnesota, USA I3204
90 MOODY, Bessie E.  Nov 1899Minnesota, USA I3205
91 MOODY, Clarence Francis  26 Jul 1907Minnesota, USA I3216
92 MOODY, Gerald   I3231
93 MOODY, Grace Evelyn  Jan 1895Minnesota, USA I3196
94 MOODY, Otis Elwood  23 Feb 1914Minnesota, USA I3221
95 MOODY, Perland (Perlie) Leroy  14 Aug 1897Minnesota, USA I3200
96 MOODY, Vivian M.  6 Feb 1902Minnesota, USA I3210
97 MOODY, Winnifred Grace   I3202
98 MORCK, Christine Anetta  17 Sep 1890Minnesota, USA I10575
99 O’BRIEN, Ann Hewitt   I3922
100 O’BRIEN, Barbara L.   I3921
101 O’BRIEN, Garnet E.  21 May 1907Minnesota, USA I3918
102 O’BRIEN, Kenneth Jr.   I3924
103 O’BRIEN, Kenneth Bostwick  15 Jun 1899Minnesota, USA I3917
104 O’BRIEN, Lowell W.  Apr 1905Minnesota, USA I3927
105 O’BRIEN, Mildred Lowell   I3919
106 OAKES, Lucinda J.  Abt 1874Minnesota, USA I22291
107 OWEN, Lewis B.  Abt 1889Minnesota, USA I2889
108 OWEN, Lillian C.  Abt 1896Minnesota, USA I2890
109 PINETTE, Mary Maxine  Abt 1924Minnesota, USA I4137
110 PINETTE, Rocelia   I4138
111 POTTER, Evelyn A.   I4325
112 RUTT, Rose  4 Feb 1898Minnesota, USA I1885
113 SCHLIRF, Lillian L.   I2893
114 SCHLIRF, Robert B.   I2892
115 SCHLIRF, Robert P.  Abt 1900Minnesota, USA I2891
116 SCHOSTAG, Mary  Feb 1868Minnesota, USA I18441
117 SCHROEDER, Elizabeth L.  Abt 1907Minnesota, USA I2812
118 SCHROEDER, Emogene M.  Abt 1924Minnesota, USA I4892
119 SCHROEDER, Hazel Anne   I4891
120 SCHROEDER, Louise C.  Abt 1904Minnesota, USA I2811
121 SCHROEDER, Roy L.   I2817
122 SCHROEDER, Ruth E.   I4890
123 SCHROEDER, Shirley I.   I2816
124 SCHROEPFER, John William  10 Feb 1893Minnesota, USA I4644
125 SLATER, Emmett Joseph  Abt 1890Minnesota, USA I3197
126 SLATER, Joseph W.   I3198
127 SNOBECK, James D.  5 Dec 1929Minnesota, USA I3130
128 STROBEL, Clara B.  Mar 1894Minnesota, USA I18476
129 THORSTON, Loretta I.  14 Oct 1895Minnesota, USA I1834
130 WHEELOCK, Myrtle Viola  6 Nov 1882Minnesota, USA I3116


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GROCHOWSKI, Antoinette "Neek"  22 Jun 2018Minnesota, USA I5139
2 LOWELL, Annie M.  Between 1900 and 1906Minnesota, USA I3194
3 LOWELL, Caroline Augusta  21 Nov 1892Minnesota, USA I538
4 LOWELL, Martha L. "Mattie"  1901Minnesota, USA I3100