Connected Bloodlines

Lebanon, York, Maine, USA



Latitude: 43.3944444, Longitude: -70.8508333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHAMBERLAIN, Deacon Nathaniel  3 Apr 1762Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I22700
2 FURBUSH, Abigail  1747Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7464
3 FURBUSH, Benjamin  2 Jul 1777Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7170
4 FURBUSH, Charles  1749Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7463
5 FURBUSH, Charles Henry  29 Dec 1821Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7189
6 FURBUSH, Daniel  26 Mar 1767Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7166
7 FURBUSH, Daniel  24 Mar 1829Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7193
8 FURBUSH, Edmond  13 May 1799Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7458
9 FURBUSH, Edward B.  22 Nov 1833Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7196
10 FURBUSH, Eli  28 Nov 1840Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7200
11 FURBUSH, George F.  25 Jan 1835Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7197
12 FURBUSH, Hannah  4 Nov 1781Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7171
13 FURBUSH, Hannah  17 Mar 1796Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7140
14 FURBUSH, Hannah Elizabeth  26 Aug 1830Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7194
15 FURBUSH, Jane  9 Nov 1802Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7459
16 FURBUSH, Jenny  29 Jan 1775Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7169
17 FURBUSH, Jesse  28 Oct 1794Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7144
18 FURBUSH, Jesse  9 Feb 1832Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7195
19 FURBUSH, John  7 Apr 1771Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I5674
20 FURBUSH, John  1804Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7460
21 FURBUSH, John  6 Feb 1827Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7192
22 FURBUSH, Joseph  21 Mar 1773Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7168
23 FURBUSH, Joseph T.  6 Oct 1809Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7142
24 FURBUSH, Lucinda  23 May 1836Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7198
25 FURBUSH, Lydia  10 Sep 1825Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7191
26 FURBUSH, Mary  29 Jul 1788Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7174
27 FURBUSH, Mary E.  14 Mar 1838Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7199
28 FURBUSH, Nancy  12 Jun 1785Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7173
29 FURBUSH, Noah Loard  2 Jun 1814Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7143
30 FURBUSH, Polly  29 Jul 1788Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7175
31 FURBUSH, Richard  17 Feb 1744Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I5675
32 FURBUSH, Richard Jr.  18 Mar 1769Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7167
33 FURBUSH, Richard  1800Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7141
34 FURBUSH, Sabra  13 Dec 1811Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7461
35 FURBUSH, Sally J.  16 May 1823Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7190
36 FURBUSH, Sarah  8 Dec 1765Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7165
37 FURBUSH, Sarah  1795Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7139
38 FURBUSH, Stephen  2 Jun 1814Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7462
39 FURBUSH, William  5 Apr 1820Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7188
40 FURBUSH, William McCrellis  26 Aug 1783Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7172
41 MCCRELLIS, Jane  30 Dec 1746Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I5676
42 WENTWORTH, Lydia  6 Nov 1771Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7186


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHAMBERLAIN, Deacon Nathaniel  2 Jan 1826Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I22700
2 FURBUSH, Benjamin  10 Jul 1786Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I1640
3 FURBUSH, Daniel  12 Apr 1793Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I5661
4 FURBUSH, Daniel  31 May 1843Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7166
5 FURBUSH, Jesse  7 Nov 1875Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7144
6 FURBUSH, John  13 Feb 1826Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I5674
7 FURBUSH, Mary  23 May 1759Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I1641
8 FURBUSH, Richard  31 Dec 1816Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I5675
9 FURBUSH, Sarah  25 Jan 1814Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7165
10 FURBUSH, Sarah  4 Feb 1840Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I5673
11 HUSSEY, Hannah  1819Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I1672
12 MCCRELLIS, Jane  20 Apr 1837Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I5676
13 WENTWORTH, Lydia  7 Dec 1845Lebanon, York, Maine, USA I7186


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FURBUSH / BLAISDELL  26 Mar 1793Lebanon, York, Maine, USA F2605
2 FURBUSH / FURBUSH  7 Mar 1795Lebanon, York, Maine, USA F2136
3 FURBUSH / FURBUSH  24 Jun 1819Lebanon, York, Maine, USA F2598
4 FURBUSH / MCCRELLIS  20 Sep 1764Lebanon, York, Maine, USA F2137
5 FURBUSH / WENTWORTH  14 Dec 1790Lebanon, York, Maine, USA F2604