Connected Bloodlines

Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway



Latitude: 68.7333330, Longitude: 14.6500000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HAUGEN, Johanna Gurine  7 Mar 1917Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I21075
2 MYRVANG, Tonning Meier  3 Oct 1905Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I17607
3 OSENBROCH, Alma Lindbjorg   I9032
4 OSENBROCH, Annie Margit   I9030
5 OSENBROCH, Anton Johan  29 Oct 1876Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I1138
6 OSENBROCH, Anton Jørgen  28 Apr 1953Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I17622
7 OSENBROCH, Arne   I9031
8 OSENBROCH, Bertha Margrethe  10 Oct 1907Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I9029
9 OSENBROCH, Dagny Johanne  2 Dec 1905Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I17627
10 OSENBROCH, Harald Juul   I9033
11 OSENBROCH, Henry Johan  10 May 1904Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I9028
12 OSENBROCH, Hildur Johanne  19 Jan 1902Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I9027
13 OSENBROCH, Margit Oline  24 Sep 1920Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I17635
14 OSENBROCH, Norvald Omar  10 Sep 1948Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I17618
15 OSENBROCH, Robertine Sofie  23 Mar 1900Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I1140
16 OSENBROCK, Jørgen Ditmar  21 Nov 1898Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I1139
17 PETTERSEN, Leif Petter  12 Oct 1914Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I17610
18 SUNDSTRØM, Odd Pareli  7 Jan 1915Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I17636


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HAUGEN, Johanna Gurine  28 Aug 1918Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I21075
2 MYRVANG, Tonning Meier  24 Nov 1971Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I17607
3 OSENBROCH, Anton Johan  30 Mar 1932Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I1138
4 OSENBROCH, Bertha Margrethe  4 Dec 1965Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I9029
5 OSENBROCH, Harald Juul   I9033
6 OSENBROCH, Henry Johan  5 Jan 1905Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I9028
7 OSENBROCH, Hildur Johanne  5 Feb 1904Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway I9027


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 OSENBROCH / HANSSEN  10 Jul 1898Haugnes, Andøy, Nordland, Norway F365