Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA


Tree: Lowell&Block
Latitude: 44.5511100, Longitude: -70.0866700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?, Lydia  2 Jan 1803Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2051 Lowell&Block 
2 AMES, Jacob  1 Oct 1790Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I655 Lowell&Block 
3 AMES, Julia Ann Lowell  31 Oct 1829Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2023 Lowell&Block 
4 AMES, Lucia Elvira  25 Dec 1825Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2022 Lowell&Block 
5 AMES, Lydia  16 Jan 1817Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2020 Lowell&Block 
6 AMES, Marcia Lowell Rich  30 Jan 1835Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2025 Lowell&Block 
7 AMES, Mary Ann  26 May 1819Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2021 Lowell&Block 
8 AMES, Sarah Josephine  19 Jul 1832Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2024 Lowell&Block 
9 BEAN, Ruth  11 Sep 1803Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I651 Lowell&Block 
10 BRADBURY, Anna Rachel  3 Jul 1838Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2084 Lowell&Block 
11 BRADBURY, Captain Benjamin Burbank  24 Sep 1802Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I602 Lowell&Block 
12 BRADBURY, Benjamin Franklin  28 Feb 1829Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2079 Lowell&Block 
13 BRADBURY, Hannah Elizabeth  16 Mar 1827Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2078 Lowell&Block 
14 BRADBURY, Julia Maria  8 May 1835Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2081 Lowell&Block 
15 BRADBURY, Lois Palmer  26 May 1806Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I605 Lowell&Block 
16 BRADBURY, Louisa Jane  16 Jul 1821Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2086 Lowell&Block 
17 BRADBURY, Maria  11 Jun 1796Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I3866 Lowell&Block 
18 BRADBURY, Sarah Eliza  23 Feb 1837Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2083 Lowell&Block 
19 CHANDLER, Ruth Ella  6 Apr 1854Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I871 Lowell&Block 
20 CLOUGH, Charles L.  31 Dec 1844Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I1964 Lowell&Block 
21 HALL, Roscoe Lorin  9 Oct 1883Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4868 Lowell&Block 
22 JUDKINS, Ada E.  1 Mar 1877Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4408 Lowell&Block 
23 JUDKINS, C. Leonora  15 Jun 1861Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I4407 Lowell&Block 
24 JUDKINS, Charles Edwin  24 Mar 1859Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2056 Lowell&Block 
25 JUDKINS, Charles Henry  28 Jan 1830Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2048 Lowell&Block 
26 JUDKINS, Clarrissa Orinda  19 Mar 1841Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2065 Lowell&Block 
27 JUDKINS, George S.  17 Nov 1873Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2060 Lowell&Block 
28 JUDKINS, Hattie A.  3 Aug 1866Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2058 Lowell&Block 
29 JUDKINS, Henry Edgar  Jun 1864Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2057 Lowell&Block 
30 JUDKINS, Henry P.  8 Oct 1868Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2059 Lowell&Block 
31 JUDKINS, Hiram  2 Jun 1835Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2063 Lowell&Block 
32 JUDKINS, James Franklin  13 Jul 1838Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2064 Lowell&Block 
33 JUDKINS, John  29 Jan 1806Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2050 Lowell&Block 
34 JUDKINS, John S.  18 Mar 1875Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2061 Lowell&Block 
35 JUDKINS, Silas  15 Oct 1832Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2062 Lowell&Block 
36 JUDKINS, Velzoretta  8 Aug 1857Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2055 Lowell&Block 
37 LOWELL, Albert Carroll  3 Aug 1849Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I606 Lowell&Block 
38 LOWELL, Prof. Andrew Judson  13 Feb 1819Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I578 Lowell&Block 
39 LOWELL, Arthur Drinkwater  17 Jun 1836Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I614 Lowell&Block 
40 LOWELL, Bartlett  17 Dec 1800Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I650 Lowell&Block 
41 LOWELL, Benjamin  2 Sep 1795Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I657 Lowell&Block 
42 LOWELL, Benjamin  15 Jan 1811Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I598 Lowell&Block 
43 LOWELL, Benjamin Franklin  5 Sep 1855Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I302 Lowell&Block 
44 LOWELL, Carrie Augusta  12 Feb 1873Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I623 Lowell&Block 
45 LOWELL, Catherine E.  13 Aug 1861Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I291 Lowell&Block 
46 LOWELL, Charles  25 Feb 1823Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I308 Lowell&Block 
47 LOWELL, Charles  23 Feb 1824Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I307 Lowell&Block 
48 LOWELL, Charles Albert  2 Oct 1857Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I299 Lowell&Block 
49 LOWELL, Clara Ellen "Ellie"  10 May 1859Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I298 Lowell&Block 
50 LOWELL, Edith Edna  28 Apr 1884Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I625 Lowell&Block 
51 LOWELL, Elizabeth Heath  7 Aug 1826Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I654 Lowell&Block 
52 LOWELL, Elizabeth Heath “Betsey”  20 Jul 1804Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I603 Lowell&Block 
53 LOWELL, Hannah  14 Jun 1806Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I601 Lowell&Block 
54 LOWELL, Hannah Elizabeth  17 Mar 1832Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I286 Lowell&Block 
55 LOWELL, Harriet Butler  26 Feb 1826Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I306 Lowell&Block 
56 LOWELL, Harriet Jane  24 Mar 1835Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I279 Lowell&Block 
57 LOWELL, Hiram  4 Jun 1830Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I288 Lowell&Block 
58 LOWELL, Hiram E.  22 Nov 1866Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I290 Lowell&Block 
59 LOWELL, James Madison  4 Dec 1808Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I599 Lowell&Block 
60 LOWELL, James Madison  11 Mar 1827Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I639 Lowell&Block 
61 LOWELL, Jane Diantha “Jennie”  21 Jul 1838Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I613 Lowell&Block 
62 LOWELL, John Fairfield  17 May 1837Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I267 Lowell&Block 
63 LOWELL, John Storrer  24 Jul 1831Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I628 Lowell&Block 
64 LOWELL, John Storrer  19 Oct 1861Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I296 Lowell&Block 
65 LOWELL, Joshua Bartlett  8 Jan 1834Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I621 Lowell&Block 
66 LOWELL, Julia Anna  27 May 1813Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I597 Lowell&Block 
67 LOWELL, Julia Frances  11 Jun 1841Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I611 Lowell&Block 
68 LOWELL, Lydia H.  Apr 1815Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I595 Lowell&Block 
69 LOWELL, Maria Bradbury  20 Jan 1825Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I649 Lowell&Block 
70 LOWELL, Nathan Reuben  5 Apr 1829Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I629 Lowell&Block 
71 LOWELL, Reuben Jr.  12 Sep 1802Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I604 Lowell&Block 
72 LOWELL, Samuel Captain  5 Mar 1799Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I276 Lowell&Block 
73 LOWELL, Samuel K.  22 Feb 1821Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I488 Lowell&Block 
74 LOWELL, Sarah "Sally"  28 May 1797Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I656 Lowell&Block 
75 LOWELL, Simeon Heath  16 Aug 1816Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I585 Lowell&Block 
76 LOWELL, William Franklin  17 Feb 1828Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I292 Lowell&Block 
77 MADDOCKS, Mary  1793Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I489 Lowell&Block 
78 MITCHELL, Cyrus Pierce  18 Nov 1822Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2774 Lowell&Block 
79 MITCHELL, Gorham  12 Jan 1822Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I3277 Lowell&Block 
80 MITCHELL, Hannah  4 Apr 1808Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2762 Lowell&Block 
81 MITCHELL, Henry Martyn  5 May 1828Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2775 Lowell&Block 
82 MITCHELL, John Jr.  24 Aug 1797Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2758 Lowell&Block 
83 MITCHELL, Jonathan  11 Apr 1793Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2756 Lowell&Block 
84 MITCHELL, Lowell  28 Dec 1790Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2755 Lowell&Block 
85 MITCHELL, Mary  12 Jan 1816Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I3275 Lowell&Block 
86 MITCHELL, Persis  20 May 1795Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2757 Lowell&Block 
87 MITCHELL, Reuben Lowell  10 Dec 1814Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I3533 Lowell&Block 
88 MITCHELL, Rhoda  22 Oct 1806Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2761 Lowell&Block 
89 MITCHELL, Rhoda  31 Mar 1819Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I3276 Lowell&Block 
90 MITCHELL, Sophia  10 Sep 1804Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2760 Lowell&Block 
91 MITCHELL, William  28 Jul 1799Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2759 Lowell&Block 
92 PAINE, Sarah A.  10 Sep 1855Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I3485 Lowell&Block 
93 PLAISTED, Helen Virginia  Apr 1895Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2046 Lowell&Block 
94 PUTNAM, Helen Augusta  6 May 1853Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I622 Lowell&Block 
95 TRASK, Rose Marie  24 Oct 1876Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I16437 Lowell&Block 
96 TRASK, Wallace F.  10 Jan 1908Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2985 Lowell&Block 
97 WHEELER, Elye Noyes  8 Dec 1836Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I7435 Lowell&Block 
98 WHEELER, Reed B.  1816Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I16697 Lowell&Block 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?, Lydia  17 Mar 1891Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2051 Lowell&Block 
2 AMES, Jacob  9 Jan 1872Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I655 Lowell&Block 
3 AMES, Lydia  20 Jul 1818Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2020 Lowell&Block 
4 AMES, Mary Ann  30 May 1847Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2021 Lowell&Block 
5 AMES, Sarah Josephine  1 Apr 1862Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2024 Lowell&Block 
6 BARTLETT, Priscilla  1807Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I312 Lowell&Block 
7 BRADBURY, John  24 Jul 1851Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I3861 Lowell&Block 
8 BRADBURY, Lois Palmer  31 May 1890Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I605 Lowell&Block 
9 BURBANK, Priscilla  8 Apr 1831Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I3862 Lowell&Block 
10 COLBY, Andelucia  13 Apr 1854Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2967 Lowell&Block 
11 FULLER, Adeline T.  5 Feb 1891Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2052 Lowell&Block 
12 HEATH, Elizabeth “Betsy”  20 Nov 1822Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I310 Lowell&Block 
13 JUDKINS, Charles Edwin  21 Jan 1861Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2056 Lowell&Block 
14 JUDKINS, Charles Henry  17 Jul 1908Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2048 Lowell&Block 
15 JUDKINS, Clarrissa Orinda  27 Nov 1861Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2065 Lowell&Block 
16 JUDKINS, Henry Edgar  26 Feb 1866Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2057 Lowell&Block 
17 JUDKINS, John  17 Oct 1875Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2050 Lowell&Block 
18 JUDKINS, John S.  28 May 1909Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2061 Lowell&Block 
19 JUDKINS, Velzoretta  11 Dec 1860Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2055 Lowell&Block 
20 KNOWLTON, Olive F.  24 Mar 1865Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2989 Lowell&Block 
21 LOWELL, Benjamin  19 Aug 1809Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I657 Lowell&Block 
22 LOWELL, Charles  14 Sep 1823Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I308 Lowell&Block 
23 LOWELL, Charles  8 Aug 1847Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I307 Lowell&Block 
24 LOWELL, Hannah  11 Jan 1829Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I601 Lowell&Block 
25 LOWELL, Hannah  23 Nov 1871Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I277 Lowell&Block 
26 LOWELL, Harriet Butler  25 Nov 1829Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I306 Lowell&Block 
27 LOWELL, James Madison  25 Aug 1825Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I599 Lowell&Block 
28 LOWELL, Joshua Bartlett  12 Mar 1821Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I309 Lowell&Block 
29 LOWELL, Joshua Bartlett  30 Aug 1887Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I621 Lowell&Block 
30 LOWELL, Maria Bradbury  1900Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I649 Lowell&Block 
31 LOWELL, Persis  7 Feb 1839Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I526 Lowell&Block 
32 LOWELL, Reuben  1 Jun 1824Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I311 Lowell&Block 
33 LOWELL, Reuben Jr.  5 Apr 1867Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I604 Lowell&Block 
34 LOWELL, Samuel Captain  20 Dec 1838Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I276 Lowell&Block 
35 LOWELL, Sarah "Sally"  21 Apr 1886Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I656 Lowell&Block 
36 MITCHELL, Rhoda  15 Jun 1807Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2761 Lowell&Block 
37 PLAISTED, Helen Virginia  29 Jul 1895Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I2046 Lowell&Block 
38 PUTNAM, Helen Augusta  18 Apr 1873Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I622 Lowell&Block 
39 WHEELER, Elye Noyes  11 May 1878Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA I7435 Lowell&Block 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BLABON / AMES  22 Feb 1855Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F912 Lowell&Block 
2 CHANDLER / LOWELL  1 May 1853Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F229 Lowell&Block 
3 FELLOWS / LOWELL  25 Dec 1871Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F140 Lowell&Block 
4 JUDKINS / FULLER  22 Nov 1855Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F925 Lowell&Block 
5 LOWELL / CHESLEY  21 Aug 1879Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F218 Lowell&Block 
6 LOWELL / OAKES  16 Nov 1854Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F347 Lowell&Block 
7 LOWELL / PETERSON  12 Oct 1854Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F99 Lowell&Block 
8 NORRIS / AMES  4 Jun 1857Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F913 Lowell&Block 
9 NORRIS / AMES  14 Feb 1864Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F915 Lowell&Block 
10 PAINE / AMES  23 Feb 1850Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F911 Lowell&Block 
11 PETERSON / ROSS  11 Nov 1841Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F2628 Lowell&Block 
12 PLAISTED / LOWELL  6 Jan 1895Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F345 Lowell&Block 
13 RANDALL / LOWELL  24 Sep 1865Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F96 Lowell&Block 
14 SMITH / CHANDLER  13 Jun 1885Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F449 Lowell&Block 
15 WHEELER / LOWELL  30 Jan 1859Chesterville, Franklin, Maine, USA F2676 Lowell&Block