Connected Bloodlines

Maine, USA



Latitude: 45.2537830, Longitude: -69.4454689


Matches 1 to 525 of 525

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Amanda E.  Abt 1846Maine, USA I2509
2 ?, Annie L.  Mar 1858Maine, USA I3561
3 ?, Betsey  Abt 1801Maine, USA I7584
4 ?, Dolly  Abt 1823Maine, USA I7627
5 ?, Emma A.  Nov 1851Maine, USA I4142
6 ?, Erma B.  1892Maine, USA I17901
7 ?, Hannah  Abt 1804Maine, USA I7475
8 ?, Hannah  Abt 1843Maine, USA I7354
9 ?, Jane  Abt 1828Maine, USA I7349
10 ?, Jessie M.  15 Apr 1866Maine, USA I7382
11 ?, Lydia  1816Maine, USA I8075
12 ?, Lydia A.  Abt 1852Maine, USA I7494
13 ?, Marinda  Abt 1825Maine, USA I8218
14 ?, Mary E.  1833Maine, USA I7503
15 ?, Mary E.  Abt 1859Maine, USA I8186
16 ?, Mary J.  Abt 1859Maine, USA I3606
17 ?, Nancy  Abt 1826Maine, USA I8334
18 ?, Rebecca  Abt 1831Maine, USA I7211
19 ?, Sarah  Abt 1794Maine, USA I6089
20 ?, Susan  Abt 1842Maine, USA I7355
21 ?, Susannah  Abt 1782Maine, USA I6019
22 ADAMS, Ida May  Jun 1869Maine, USA I3504
23 ALLEN, Lillian N.  Apr 1881Maine, USA I3006
24 ANDERSON, Hewett Taylor  10 Jan 1852Maine, USA I6092
25 ATKINSON, Helen H. “Fanny”  16 Feb 1858Maine, USA I2555
26 ATWOOD, Edward A.  Abt 1859Maine, USA I3501
27 ATWOOD, Emma R.  Abt 1851Maine, USA I3499
28 ATWOOD, Harry E.  Abt 1862Maine, USA I3502
29 ATWOOD, J. Sherburne  Abt 1853Maine, USA I3500
30 ATWOOD, Mary  Abt 1843Maine, USA I3505
31 AVERILL, Clara  1950Maine, USA I2961
32 AVERILL, Merritt J.  12 Nov 1907Maine, USA I2955
33 AYERS, Mary E.  1 Jun 1855Maine, USA I3188
34 BABB, Louisa Jane  11 May 1843Maine, USA I3536
35 BANKS, Ellen Helen  12 Mar 1833Maine, USA I3281
36 BARR, Ella E.   I2936
37 BARR, Mary F.   I2937
38 BARRY, Eugene E.  May 1862Maine, USA I2308
39 BARTLETT, Nathan  1737Maine, USA I20889
40 BECKETT, Mary  14 Aug 1895Maine, USA I2129
41 BICKFORD, Lora M.  Abt 1883Maine, USA I3819
42 BLARNEY, Arthur E.   I2983
43 BLARNEY, Harris E.   I2981
44 BLARNEY, Nicholas J.   I2979
45 BLARNEY, Sarah A.   I2982
46 BOWDEN, Calla M.  Abt 1900Maine, USA I4159
47 BOWMAN, Edith M.  21 Apr 1890Maine, USA I4163
48 BRACKLEY, Emily J.  Abt 1851Maine, USA I2224
49 BROOKS, Susan S.  Abt 1839Maine, USA I3657
50 BROWN, Della M.  Apr 1874Maine, USA I2787
51 BROWN, Jonathan  Abt 1806Maine, USA I450
52 BROWN, Maria E.  Apr 1843Maine, USA I3320
53 BURNS, Lettie E.  Abt 1878Maine, USA I16392
54 BUXTON, Kathryn E.  5 Jul 1907Maine, USA I3348
55 BUXTON, Roy J.  31 Aug 1881Maine, USA I3347
56 CAMPBELL, George C.  Abt 1833Maine, USA I2506
57 CARVILLE, Elmira  Abt 1831Maine, USA I7342
58 CASWELL, Edwin H.  Abt 1837Maine, USA I4497
59 CASWELL, Nathan Augustus  Abt 1847Maine, USA I4499
60 CATES, Bertha  Jul 1882Maine, USA I18502
61 CHURCH, Belle R.  May 1858Maine, USA I2215
62 COLBURN, Faye E.   I2956
63 COLLINS, Ralph G.  25 Aug 1917Maine, USA I3263
64 COOK, Hannah L.  1804Maine, USA I7964
65 COOK, Thomas  Abt 1796Maine, USA I484
66 COOMBS, Keith Campbell  10 Aug 1897Maine, USA I3050
67 COOMBS, Minott L. “Mike”  5 Sep 1924Maine, USA I3051
68 CROCKER, Lulie J.  11 Dec 1881Maine, USA I3498
69 CUNNINGHAM, Alfred R.   I4161
70 CUNNINGHAM, Wilmot J.  Abt 1888Maine, USA I4160
71 DAGGETT, Edna M.  6 Jul 1889Maine, USA I2568
72 DAVIS, Arthur C.  Jan 1869Maine, USA I17835
73 DAVIS, Elmer A.  15 Jun 1894Maine, USA I17836
74 DENNEN, Guy W.  Abt 1872Maine, USA I2883
75 DENNEN, Joseph  Mar 1813Maine, USA I2777
76 DESHON, Mary E.  Mar 1851Maine, USA I4902
77 DINGLEY, Otis E.  1877Maine, USA I2903
78 DOW, Mary Jane  Abt 1817Maine, USA I477
79 DUDLEY, Earl Lincoln  Oct 1878Maine, USA I4155
80 DUDLEY, Edward E.  1 Jun 1916Maine, USA I4164
81 DUDLEY, Edward H.  14 Dec 1882Maine, USA I4156
82 DUDLEY, Esther M.   I4165
83 DUDLEY, Florence A.  9 Jan 1900Maine, USA I4171
84 DUDLEY, Roy E.  Dec 1895Maine, USA I4158
85 ELDRIDGE, Hannah Helden  1801Maine, USA I5827
86 ELLSWORTH, Carrie  1863Maine, USA I3656
87 EMERY, Alice  Oct 1864Maine, USA I3566
88 EMMONS, Lyman  Abt 1875Maine, USA I3516
89 FARRINGTON, Ada M.  Abt 1893Maine, USA I3452
90 FARRINGTON, Lizzie  Jun 1838Maine, USA I5652
91 FLETCHER, Arlene M.  6 Jul 1920Maine, USA I3582
92 FLETCHER, Ernest A.  12 May 1917Maine, USA I3581
93 FLETCHER, Sewall B.  Abt 1887Maine, USA I3580
94 FULLER, Hannah Jane “Jennie”  Abt 1845Maine, USA I7925
95 FULLER, Laura  Abt 1816Maine, USA I7332
96 FULLER, Selden D.  Dec 1864Maine, USA I3652
97 FURBISH, Arthur Elmer  22 Jul 1866Maine, USA I856
98 FURBISH, Burton A.  12 Jan 1874Maine, USA I859
99 FURBUSH, Abraham  1783Maine, USA I887
100 FURBUSH, Addie E.  Abt 1863Maine, USA I1343
101 FURBUSH, Albert H.  Dec 1878Maine, USA I7391
102 FURBUSH, Alice B.  Aug 1886Maine, USA I7393
103 FURBUSH, Alice M.  Abt 1868Maine, USA I7220
104 FURBUSH, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1844Maine, USA I7491
105 FURBUSH, Anna A.  Abt 1859Maine, USA I7388
106 FURBUSH, Bertha M.  Aug 1874Maine, USA I7367
107 FURBUSH, Calista A.  Abt 1853Maine, USA I7213
108 FURBUSH, Carabelle “Carrie” B.  Abt 1863Maine, USA I7222
109 FURBUSH, Charlton  3 Aug 1857Maine, USA I7381
110 FURBUSH, Cordelia F.  12 Dec 1846Maine, USA I7201
111 FURBUSH, Cyrus  Abt 1856Maine, USA I7205
112 FURBUSH, Daniel  Mar 1823Maine, USA I7224
113 FURBUSH, Daniel  Abt 1832Maine, USA I7481
114 FURBUSH, Daniel F.  Abt 1868Maine, USA I7210
115 FURBUSH, David  Abt 1847Maine, USA I7486
116 FURBUSH, Dora F.  Abt 1869Maine, USA I7158
117 FURBUSH, Edward A.  Abt 1857Maine, USA I7219
118 FURBUSH, Elizabeth  Abt 1828Maine, USA I7477
119 FURBUSH, Ellen F.  27 Aug 1848Maine, USA I7202
120 FURBUSH, Elma  Abt 1869Maine, USA I7389
121 FURBUSH, Emily E.  Abt 1854Maine, USA I7493
122 FURBUSH, Emma  Abt 1857Maine, USA I7206
123 FURBUSH, Esther Allen  Abt 1839Maine, USA I7043
124 FURBUSH, Etta B.  Sep 1878Maine, USA I7392
125 FURBUSH, Eunice A.  Abt 1858Maine, USA I7208
126 FURBUSH, Flora B.  Abt 1860Maine, USA I7216
127 FURBUSH, Frank C.  Abt 1867Maine, USA I7157
128 FURBUSH, George Elbridge  Abt 1849Maine, USA I7227
129 FURBUSH, Hannah  1859Maine, USA I7207
130 FURBUSH, Hiram N.  Abt 1852Maine, USA I7221
131 FURBUSH, Ida B.  Abt 1862Maine, USA I7209
132 FURBUSH, Irving P.  Abt 1866Maine, USA I7218
133 FURBUSH, Isaiah Augustus  Abt 1838Maine, USA I7489
134 FURBUSH, Jairus Haskell  1825Maine, USA I5864
135 FURBUSH, Jesse  Abt 1835Maine, USA I7482
136 FURBUSH, Jesse  Abt 1848Maine, USA I7385
137 FURBUSH, Jesse F.  Abt 1855Maine, USA I7214
138 FURBUSH, Joan  Abt 1845Maine, USA I7383
139 FURBUSH, John Jr.  16 Apr 1823Maine, USA I7275
140 FURBUSH, John Frances  Abt 1836Maine, USA I7488
141 FURBUSH, John H.  Abt 1851Maine, USA I7212
142 FURBUSH, John L.  Abt 1847Maine, USA I7384
143 FURBUSH, Joseph  1 May 1796Maine, USA I5691
144 FURBUSH, Joseph  Abt 1823Maine, USA I7476
145 FURBUSH, Levi L.  Abt 1825Maine, USA I7478
146 FURBUSH, Llewellyn  Abt 1842Maine, USA I7485
147 FURBUSH, Lucy  Abt 1855Maine, USA I7387
148 FURBUSH, Lydia W.  Abt 1828Maine, USA I6728
149 FURBUSH, Martha L.  Abt 1841Maine, USA I7484
150 FURBUSH, Mary E.  Abt 1854Maine, USA I7241
151 FURBUSH, Nathaniel C.  Abt 1832Maine, USA I7041
152 FURBUSH, Nora N.  Abt 1869Maine, USA I7159
153 FURBUSH, Orrelia B.  Abt 1859Maine, USA I7243
154 FURBUSH, Phebe  Abt 1822Maine, USA I5534
155 FURBUSH, Reuben  1821Maine, USA I5654
156 FURBUSH, Rhody G.  Abt 1857Maine, USA I7242
157 FURBUSH, Richard  Abt 1827Maine, USA I7480
158 FURBUSH, Ruth  Abt 1821Maine, USA I7479
159 FURBUSH, Sarah J.  Abt 1837Maine, USA I7483
160 FURBUSH, Sarah J.  Abt 1857Maine, USA I7215
161 FURBUSH, Sewell  Abt 1855Maine, USA I7204
162 FURBUSH, Violet M.   I16622
163 FURBUSH, Walter  Abt 1874Maine, USA I7160
164 FURBUSH, Ward S.  Abt 1862Maine, USA I7386
165 FURBUSH, William H.  Abt 1858Maine, USA I7223
166 FURBUSH, William Henry  Abt 1841Maine, USA I7490
167 FURBUSH, William R.  Abt 1862Maine, USA I7217
168 FURBUSH, Zachary Taylor  Abt 1849Maine, USA I7492
169 GAGE, Clarissa L.  1848Maine, USA I20937
170 GATCHELL, Alan  1806Maine, USA I5469
171 GILBERT, Frank B. Jr.   I2931
172 GODING, Margaret  29 May 1889Maine, USA I3055
173 GODING, Stella F.  15 Feb 1862Maine, USA I3003
174 GOULD, Sadie May  Dec 1873Maine, USA I2228
175 GREENE, Gardner  Abt 1855Maine, USA I3314
176 GREENE, George  Abt 1847Maine, USA I3312
177 GREENE, Samuel A.  Abt 1855Maine, USA I3313
178 HALE, Mary Sophia  Abt 1847Maine, USA I2037
179 HALL, Solomon R. “Saul”  Apr 1860Maine, USA I3394
180 HAM, Sarah B.  Abt 1823Maine, USA I3286
181 HAMILTON, William H.  Abt 1830Maine, USA I21144
182 HARRIS, Arthur G.  Sep 1856Maine, USA I2976
183 HARRIS, Edna  Feb 1892Maine, USA I2977
184 HAYWARD, Bertha V.  1 Jun 1884Maine, USA I2556
185 HAYWARD, Janet   I2561
186 HAYWARD, Raymond V.  17 Oct 1890Maine, USA I2558
187 HISCOCK, Rinda L.  Abt 1837Maine, USA I2783
188 HISCOCK, Samuel  Abt 1801Maine, USA I3847
189 HODGKINS, Emma  Abt 1841Maine, USA I2231
190 HOWARD, Frank Leslie  Abt 1854Maine, USA I21116
191 HOWARD, Roland  Abt 1858Maine, USA I21113
192 HUBBARD, Inez M.   I16626
193 HUTCHINS, Ellen Statira  3 Aug 1849Maine, USA I10381
194 HUTCHINS, Elwin H.  Abt 1843Maine, USA I17540
195 ILSLEY, Barbara L.   I2145
196 JOHNSON, Harriet M. “Hattie”  Abt 1825Maine, USA I3331
197 JONES, Benjamin F.  Apr 1874Maine, USA I439
198 JONES, Elsie A.  Abt 1901Maine, USA I3579
199 JONES, Sarah R.  15 Jul 1846Maine, USA I7364
200 JORDAN, Amanda J.  30 Mar 1897Maine, USA I21185
201 JUMPER, Mary  May 1847Maine, USA I3323
202 KENDALL, Abby V.  May 1844Maine, USA I491
203 KENNEY, Mary J.  1 Nov 1888Maine, USA I2947
204 KNOWLTON, Carroll W.  1889Maine, USA I4396
205 KNOWLTON, Charles H.  Abt 1846Maine, USA I2988
206 KNOWLTON, Clarence E.  8 Dec 1869Maine, USA I3001
207 KNOWLTON, Florentine M.  Jul 1887Maine, USA I2999
208 KNOWLTON, Forrest  Feb 1882Maine, USA I3518
209 KNOWLTON, Herbert Sidney W.  Sep 1879Maine, USA I3517
210 KNOWLTON, Irving S.  Feb 1883Maine, USA I4395
211 KNOWLTON, Lillian B.  Abt 1874Maine, USA I4952
212 KNOWLTON, Olive F.  Abt 1848Maine, USA I2989
213 KNOWLTON, William L.  Apr 1882Maine, USA I4953
214 KNOWLTON, Willis E.  Aug 1859Maine, USA I2995
215 LAMBERT, Annie M.  Abt 1907Maine, USA I4927
216 LAMBERT, Bulah M.   I4928
217 LAMBERT, Guy O.  Abt 1905Maine, USA I4926
218 LAMBERT, Guy Wilkes  Mar 1878Maine, USA I4917
219 LAMBERT, Horace Clyde  May 1898Maine, USA I4924
220 LAMBERT, James K.  Abt 1837Maine, USA I4913
221 LAMBERT, John  Oct 1867Maine, USA I4914
222 LAMBERT, Leon Leroy  17 Mar 1895Maine, USA I4921
223 LAMBERT, Lindley S.  Jul 1899Maine, USA I4922
224 LAMBERT, Melvene Mary  Apr 1899Maine, USA I4925
225 LEEMAN, Erastus W.  18 Feb 1850Maine, USA I2871
226 LEEMAN, George H.  Abt 1847Maine, USA I2870
227 LEEMAN, Samuel D.  Abt 1818Maine, USA I515
228 LEEMAN, Wallace  Abt 1844Maine, USA I2869
229 LINDSEY, Ellen “Nellie”  Jan 1863Maine, USA I2786
230 LINDSEY, Samuel  Abt 1861Maine, USA I2785
231 LOWELL, Amanda Prescott  4 Jun 1854Maine, USA I438
232 LOWELL, Annie M.  Nov 1878Maine, USA I3194
233 LOWELL, Arlette M. “Lettie”  Abt 1867Maine, USA I3190
234 LOWELL, Arthur H.  Aug 1856Maine, USA I3244
235 LOWELL, Benjamin C.  Oct 1872Maine, USA I2973
236 LOWELL, Biero L.  Abt 1874Maine, USA I3186
237 LOWELL, Bion E.  25 Sep 1910Maine, USA I3251
238 LOWELL, Charles H.  Nov 1862Maine, USA I3183
239 LOWELL, Curtis Manford  5 Aug 1847Maine, USA I2011
240 LOWELL, Donald F.  25 Oct 1913Maine, USA I3252
241 LOWELL, Eddie W.  Abt 1865Maine, USA I3246
242 LOWELL, Effie M.  7 Jun 1885Maine, USA I3254
243 LOWELL, George Edward  21 Apr 1848Maine, USA I442
244 LOWELL, Grace  Abt 1876Maine, USA I3193
245 LOWELL, Herbert E.  Jul 1857Maine, USA I2214
246 LOWELL, Herman J.  Oct 1864Maine, USA I3189
247 LOWELL, Ira  Abt 1859Maine, USA I3245
248 LOWELL, Irving  Abt 1869Maine, USA I3191
249 LOWELL, Margaret   I3253
250 LOWELL, Martha  Mar 1852Maine, USA I3100
251 LOWELL, Maude I.  Abt 1874Maine, USA I3192
252 LOWELL, Orpha N.  Jun 1869Maine, USA I492
253 LOWELL, Philip Johnson  16 May 1888Maine, USA I550
254 LOWELL, Rossamus “Ross” A.  May 1853Maine, USA I400
255 LUCE, Almeda  Abt 1857Maine, USA I7344
256 LUCE, Anna W.  Abt 1837Maine, USA I7326
257 LUCE, Betsey  Abt 1847Maine, USA I7330
258 LUCE, Charlton F.  Abt 1879Maine, USA I7375
259 LUCE, Cordelia  Abt 1854Maine, USA I7343
260 LUCE, Delany  Abt 1846Maine, USA I7346
261 LUCE, Eldbridge W.  1876Maine, USA I7374
262 LUCE, Etta May  10 Dec 1874Maine, USA I4918
263 LUCE, Fannie  16 Nov 1861Maine, USA I7338
264 LUCE, Forest L.  Mar 1894Maine, USA I7377
265 LUCE, Franklin W.  Abt 1872Maine, USA I7373
266 LUCE, Fuller  Abt 1868Maine, USA I7371
267 LUCE, Hazel M.  May 1892Maine, USA I7376
268 LUCE, Henry  Abt 1854Maine, USA I7351
269 LUCE, Hiram  Abt 1849Maine, USA I7331
270 LUCE, Hovey K.  Jun 1866Maine, USA I7366
271 LUCE, Ida  Abt 1857Maine, USA I7352
272 LUCE, John  Abt 1832Maine, USA I7325
273 LUCE, John A.  Abt 1871Maine, USA I7372
274 LUCE, Leonard J.  Abt 1840Maine, USA I7327
275 LUCE, Leonard L.  1863Maine, USA I7369
276 LUCE, Lucinda A.  Abt 1845Maine, USA I7329
277 LUCE, Marcellus  Abt 1848Maine, USA I7347
278 LUCE, Martha E.  Abt 1855Maine, USA I7341
279 LUCE, Mary  5 Jun 1835Maine, USA I7276
280 LUCE, Nancy  Abt 1850Maine, USA I7350
281 LUCE, Nathaniel  1859Maine, USA I7353
282 LUCE, Susan  Abt 1854Maine, USA I7348
283 LUCE, Sylvina W.  Abt 1843Maine, USA I7328
284 MACKINNON, Donald R.  3 Apr 1919Maine, USA I2958
285 MANSUR, Winnifred Alice  28 Feb 1893Maine, USA I21217
286 MCDOUGALL, John E.   I2934
287 MCDOUGALL, Phillip   I2933
288 MEADS, Artemus  Abt 1849Maine, USA I3564
289 MILLER, Elizabeth A.  Abt 1830Maine, USA I7255
290 MITCHELL, Abner E.  Nov 1890Maine, USA I3567
291 MITCHELL, Adaline P.  4 Sep 1843Maine, USA I3551
292 MITCHELL, Charles A.  Aug 1850Maine, USA I3556
293 MITCHELL, Charles Albert  9 Sep 1849Maine, USA I3553
294 MITCHELL, Henry L.  Feb 1858Maine, USA I3282
295 MITCHELL, Jotham  Abt 1824Maine, USA I3273
296 MITCHELL, Levi L.  Abt 1826Maine, USA I3270
297 MITCHELL, Lucy M.  Jul 1857Maine, USA I3557
298 MITCHELL, Mary J.  Abt 1833Maine, USA I3272
299 MITCHELL, Nellie B.  Abt 1865Maine, USA I3285
300 MITCHELL, Ralph W.  Aug 1894Maine, USA I3568
301 MOORE, George A.  Abt 1834Maine, USA I8030
302 MOSHER, Bertram G. Jr.  3 May 1915Maine, USA I4175
303 MOULTON, Clara B.  Abt 1853Maine, USA I7262
304 MURPHY, Bartley E.  15 Sep 1901Maine, USA I4426
305 NASON, Jennie S.  7 May 1858Maine, USA I2997
306 NEVEL, Paul F.   I2930
307 NEWBEGIN, Cyrus Frank  1 Feb 1889Maine, USA I3326
308 NEWBEGIN, Lowell K.  12 Feb 1899Maine, USA I3360
309 NILES, Emily L.  1842Maine, USA I3445
310 NILES, Philona F.  Jun 1845Maine, USA I7156
311 NILES, Silas Mandell  Abt 1851Maine, USA I3492
312 NORTON, Lizzie E.  Dec 1866Maine, USA I7359
313 ODELL, Sylvia Belle  Abt 1860Maine, USA I4085
314 PAGE, Abigail “Abbie”  11 Aug 1847Maine, USA I2972
315 PAGE, Orrin  1 Apr 1850Maine, USA I2794
316 PAGE, Roscoe A.  11 Mar 1911Maine, USA I4899
317 PARSONS, Marian Louise  3 Nov 1880Maine, USA I2854
318 PEAVEY, Lillian M.  Abt 1880Maine, USA I4162
319 PENNELL, Susan F.  25 Oct 1838Maine, USA I3182
320 PETERSON, Abby M.  Abt 1858Maine, USA I7506
321 PETERSON, Abraham  11 Aug 1811Maine, USA I6021
322 PETERSON, Abram  Abt 1824Maine, USA I7585
323 PETERSON, Abram “Abraham” B.  Feb 1819Maine, USA I7496
324 PETERSON, Alvah  Abt 1859Maine, USA I7623
325 PETERSON, Benjamin  Abt 1794Maine, USA I7583
326 PETERSON, Benjamin  Abt 1797Maine, USA I7634
327 PETERSON, Benjamin  20 Nov 1822Maine, USA I7638
328 PETERSON, Benjamin  Abt 1829Maine, USA I7586
329 PETERSON, Benjamin  Abt 1864Maine, USA I7625
330 PETERSON, Benjamin F.  Abt 1879Maine, USA I7644
331 PETERSON, Charles H.  Oct 1885Maine, USA I17891
332 PETERSON, Charles N.  Abt 1872Maine, USA I7643
333 PETERSON, Clara A.  1859Maine, USA I7258
334 PETERSON, Cordelia  Abt 1836Maine, USA I7588
335 PETERSON, Cornelius  1 Nov 1819Maine, USA I7626
336 PETERSON, Cornelius Andrew  5 Nov 1804Maine, USA I6020
337 PETERSON, Cyrus  Abt 1831Maine, USA I7570
338 PETERSON, Daisy M.  Mar 1898Maine, USA I17896
339 PETERSON, Dorrin R.  Abt 1901Maine, USA I17897
340 PETERSON, Eames A.  Apr 1887Maine, USA I17892
341 PETERSON, Edith A.  Apr 1889Maine, USA I17893
342 PETERSON, Edna M.  Oct 1893Maine, USA I17895
343 PETERSON, Elsinora  Abt 1861Maine, USA I7267
344 PETERSON, Emma S.  Abt 1856Maine, USA I7505
345 PETERSON, Frederick “Fred” A.  1865Maine, USA I7260
346 PETERSON, George McClellan  9 May 1861Maine, USA I7608
347 PETERSON, George Washington  Abt 1795Maine, USA I7396
348 PETERSON, Georgianna  Abt 1855Maine, USA I7632
349 PETERSON, Hannah M.  Abt 1845Maine, USA I7629
350 PETERSON, Hannah R  2 Sep 1818Maine, USA I7636
351 PETERSON, Harold A.  Abt 1903Maine, USA I17898
352 PETERSON, Hattie  Feb 1873Maine, USA I6206
353 PETERSON, Henry A.  Abt 1829Maine, USA I7252
354 PETERSON, Ida  Abt 1864Maine, USA I7508
355 PETERSON, James A.  Abt 1839Maine, USA I7501
356 PETERSON, Lizzie B.  Abt 1862Maine, USA I7259
357 PETERSON, Louisa M.  Apr 1891Maine, USA I17894
358 PETERSON, Mary E.  Abt 1854Maine, USA I7504
359 PETERSON, Mary Etta  Abt 1861Maine, USA I10572
360 PETERSON, Myron A.  Abt 1860Maine, USA I7507
361 PETERSON, Neal Dow  Abt 1853Maine, USA I7631
362 PETERSON, Phinehas P.  7 Dec 1824Maine, USA I7639
363 PETERSON, Priscilla  Abt 1842Maine, USA I7628
364 PETERSON, Roscoe Lewis  1862Maine, USA I17889
365 PETERSON, Sarah F.  Abt 1834Maine, USA I7587
366 PETERSON, Wealthy O.  1826Maine, USA I6015
367 PETERSON, Wilbur  Abt 1861Maine, USA I7624
368 PETERSON, William H.  Abt 1829Maine, USA I3929
369 PETERSON, William H.  Abt 1858Maine, USA I7633
370 PHILBROOK, Arthur W.   I3463
371 PHILBROOK, Dorothy M.  29 Jan 1921Maine, USA I3470
372 PHILBROOK, Henry J.  Abt 1885Maine, USA I3461
373 PHILBROOK, Julia S.   I3464
374 PHILBROOK, Robert H.   I3471
375 PHILLIPS, Jane B.  Abt 1840Maine, USA I3659
376 PHILLIPS, Mary P.  1849Maine, USA I3662
377 PHILLIPS, Osroe W.  Abt 1843Maine, USA I3660
378 PIERCE, Susan M.  Abt 1824Maine, USA I8362
379 PILLSBURY, Belinda  Abt 1798Maine, USA I3004
380 PINKHAM, Mary Amanda  Abt 1854Maine, USA I3294
381 PITTS, Harriet Rice  19 Feb 1851Maine, USA I2828
382 PITTS, Richard Brinley  Abt 1849Maine, USA I2827
383 PITTS, William L.  Abt 1855Maine, USA I2834
384 PLAISTED, Fred  May 1860Maine, USA I2045
385 POMEROY, Carrol L.  Abt 1856Maine, USA I8177
386 POMEROY, Charles F.  Abt 1844Maine, USA I8175
387 POMEROY, Edwin E.  Abt 1849Maine, USA I8176
388 POMEROY, Ida M.  Abt 1858Maine, USA I8178
389 POMEROY, Richard B.  Abt 1816Maine, USA I7531
390 POST, Alden S.  17 Dec 1914Maine, USA I3467
391 POST, Arthur J.  7 Jul 1889Maine, USA I3460
392 POST, Lucy M.  3 Jun 1853Maine, USA I3431
393 POST, Mary E.  16 Feb 1856Maine, USA I3432
394 POST, Nellie M.  Apr 1885Maine, USA I3459
395 POST, Ralph E.  30 Sep 1913Maine, USA I3466
396 POST, Walter J.   I3465
397 PRESCOTT, Albert J.  Abt 1858Maine, USA I3449
398 PRESCOTT, Albert P.  Abt 1889Maine, USA I3450
399 PRESCOTT, Helen A.   I3456
400 PRINCE, Albertine E.  Abt 1858Maine, USA I21208
401 PRINCE, Georgetta  Abt 1867Maine, USA I21211
402 PRINCE, Gertrude F.  1879Maine, USA I21215
403 PRINCE, Matilda L.  18 Sep 1838Maine, USA I21177
404 RACKLEY, Alvia   I3264
405 RACKLEY, Barbara   I3262
406 RACKLEY, Charles H.  15 Jul 1889Maine, USA I2718
407 RAMSDELL, Fannie Evelena  Dec 1867Maine, USA I7923
408 RANDALL, Edward V.  Abt 1832Maine, USA I19605
409 RANDALL, Elizabeth R.  Abt 1836Maine, USA I19606
410 REYNOLDS, Mary  Abt 1816Maine, USA I16577
411 RICE, Abby J.  Aug 1856Maine, USA I7271
412 RIDEOUT, Emeline  Abt 1827Maine, USA I7261
413 RUSSELL, Clair B.  1911Maine, USA I18493
414 SARGENT, Archie I.  9 Jan 1879Maine, USA I2232
415 SARGENT, Carie A.  Abt 1871Maine, USA I18487
416 SARGENT, Isaac  Sep 1828Maine, USA I865
417 SAUNDERS, Nancy D.  Abt 1824Maine, USA I8213
418 SEDGLEY, Alice M.  May 1873Maine, USA I3562
419 SEDGLEY, Eva  Jul 1879Maine, USA I3563
420 SEDGLEY, Warren P.  Jul 1868Maine, USA I3565
421 SHAW, Nora  Jan 1862Maine, USA I3846
422 SIMONTON, Margaret B.  25 Jan 1824Maine, USA I3430
423 SIMONTON, Mary  22 Dec 1812Maine, USA I3446
424 SIMONTON, Melissa A.  1833Maine, USA I3434
425 SIMPSON, Susan M.  Mar 1864Maine, USA I2975
426 SKOWFIELD, Luella L.  Mar 1876Maine, USA I3843
427 SMITH, Andrew M.  Dec 1862Maine, USA I2034
428 SMITH, Augusta Abigail  24 Mar 1830Maine, USA I3377
429 SMITH, Shubael  5 Nov 1787Maine, USA I6906
430 SMITH, Sophronia  20 Oct 1832Maine, USA I511
431 SNELL, Eliza J.  Abt 1848Maine, USA I7263
432 SNELL, Mary J.  Abt 1867Maine, USA I7265
433 SPAULDING, Lillian  12 Aug 1871Maine, USA I4920
434 SPEAR, Marion N.  30 Jul 1891Maine, USA I3462
435 SPENCER, Ada M.  Abt 1867Maine, USA I3495
436 SPENCER, Benjamin L.  2 Sep 1879Maine, USA I3497
437 SPENCER, Hiram B.  1834Maine, USA I3493
438 SPENCER, Laforrest L.  Abt 1870Maine, USA I3496
439 SPENCER, Rosina A.  Abt 1864Maine, USA I3494
440 STEVENS, Anna M.  Feb 1880Maine, USA I4904
441 STEWART, Chester R.  Oct 1879Maine, USA I4143
442 STEWART, George  Jul 1850Maine, USA I4141
443 STEWART, Lowell C.   I2867
444 STEWART, Maud A.  Aug 1873Maine, USA I4145
445 STEWART, Vida M.  Jun 1887Maine, USA I4144
446 STICKNEY, Fernald Stanley  3 Nov 1900Maine, USA I3942
447 STICKNEY, Theodore A.   I2694
448 STICKNEY, Wendell H.   I2696
449 STINCHFIELD, Anna K.  Abt 1907Maine, USA I3366
450 STINCHFIELD, George P.  1 Mar 1914Maine, USA I3368
451 STINCHFIELD, John E.   I3367
452 STRATTON, Amy E.  8 Jun 1890Maine, USA I3455
453 TAYLOR, Nellie E.  1861Maine, USA I17890
454 TEWKSBURY, Harland E.   I2957
455 THOMPSON, Mary Ellen  Abt 1851Maine, USA I7131
456 TILTON, Deidamia M.  Between 1791 and 1792Maine, USA I8632
457 TOBIN, John Delbert  21 Jan 1900Maine, USA I4172
458 TOBIN, Marguerite L.   I4173
459 TOBIN, Miriam L.   I4174
460 TOOTHAKER, Charles W.  Abt 1867Maine, USA I21158
461 TOWNSEND, Bernice E.  13 Nov 1908Maine, USA I19520
462 TOWNSEND, Fred Oscar  1879Maine, USA I19518
463 TRASK, Abigail  Abt 1837Maine, USA I8027
464 TRASK, Alden A.  15 Jan 1855Maine, USA I8335
465 TRASK, Alice  Abt 1866Maine, USA I8341
466 TRASK, Alvin M.  Abt 1866Maine, USA I16490
467 TRASK, Ambrose E. B.  1835Maine, USA I17061
468 TRASK, Andrew  Abt 1830Maine, USA I16683
469 TRASK, Annie B.  Abt 1859Maine, USA I8338
470 TRASK, Benjamin Franklin  1834Maine, USA I7965
471 TRASK, Charles  Abt 1827Maine, USA I16745
472 TRASK, Dennis  Abt 1903Maine, USA I17746
473 TRASK, Elisha  1863Maine, USA I17831
474 TRASK, Elizabeth L. W.  Abt 1831Maine, USA I8007
475 TRASK, Emma  Abt 1856Maine, USA I8337
476 TRASK, Flora E.  Abt 1864Maine, USA I8184
477 TRASK, Fred E.  Abt 1855Maine, USA I8182
478 TRASK, Gracie M.  Abt 1877Maine, USA I10310
479 TRASK, Hannah Mary  1830Maine, USA I8040
480 TRASK, Hiram F.  Dec 1826Maine, USA I8147
481 TRASK, Isaac Nelson  1832Maine, USA I8041
482 TRASK, James M.  Jan 1852Maine, USA I16426
483 TRASK, Jane M.  Abt 1826Maine, USA I16616
484 TRASK, Jennie  Abt 1863Maine, USA I8340
485 TRASK, Jonas Orrin  Jun 1841Maine, USA I17063
486 TRASK, Martha N.  Abt 1850Maine, USA I8214
487 TRASK, Martin Manning  1856Maine, USA I17068
488 TRASK, Mary  Abt 1870Maine, USA I8369
489 TRASK, Mary A.  Abt 1870Maine, USA I8185
490 TRASK, Maud M.  Abt 1877Maine, USA I8367
491 TRASK, Ralph E.  Abt 1908Maine, USA I17747
492 TRASK, Rinaldo B.  Abt 1879Maine, USA I8368
493 TRASK, Sarah Augusta  Abt 1879Maine, USA I10309
494 TRASK, Sarah B.  Abt 1846Maine, USA I2996
495 TRASK, Susan  Abt 1861Maine, USA I8339
496 TRASK, Thomas Jefferson  1816Maine, USA I8343
497 TURNER, Edith C.  20 Dec 1908Maine, USA I3011
498 TUTTLE, Lovina  Abt 1820Maine, USA I7345
499 TUTTLE, Sally  1810Maine, USA I7324
500 VOTER, Alice G.  Abt 1907Maine, USA I2949
501 VOTER, Arthur T.  18 May 1883Maine, USA I2948
502 VOTER, C. Jane  10 Jun 1921Maine, USA I2954
503 VOTER, Ella L.  3 Mar 1909Maine, USA I2950
504 VOTER, Helen M.  1911Maine, USA I2951
505 VOTER, Warren S.  31 May 1915Maine, USA I2952
506 WAITE, Emma Arline   I3010
507 WAITE, Eugene E.  Abt 1873Maine, USA I3007
508 WAITE, Norman E.  14 Oct 1910Maine, USA I3008
509 WAITE, Pauline A.   I3009
510 WALKER, Anna B.  Abt 1893Maine, USA I8066
511 WALKER, Charles L.  Abt Jan 1895Maine, USA I8087
512 WALTON, Nancy B.  Abt 1802Maine, USA I3269
513 WARREN, Lillian E.  Abt 1854Maine, USA I3341
514 WEBBER, John  Abt 1656Maine, USA I16980
515 WEEKS, Olive  Abt 1837Maine, USA I10343
516 WHITCOMB, Justin  1805Maine, USA I3318
517 WHITTEN, John H.  Dec 1873Maine, USA I3842
518 WHITTEN, Laura A.  8 Nov 1869Maine, USA I434
519 WHITTEN, Vincent  Apr 1899Maine, USA I3844
520 WHITTIER, Lizzie S.  15 Sep 1861Maine, USA I3000
521 WILLIAMS, John  Abt 1879Maine, USA I4912
522 WINTER, Frank  26 Mar 1856Maine, USA I3538
523 WINTER, Walter Clarence  4 Aug 1858Maine, USA I3539
524 WYMAN, Charles Stillman  Abt 1856Maine, USA I4150
525 YOUNG, Mary F.  Dec 1842Maine, USA I3849


Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Annie L.  Between 1910 and 1920Maine, USA I3561
2 AVERILL, Clara  1950Maine, USA I2961
3 BROWN, Maria E.  1923Maine, USA I3320
4 COFREN, Phidelis  13 Feb 1908Maine, USA I425
5 COWEN, Nettie V.  26 Oct 1944Maine, USA I870
6 COY, Lillie Alfreda  30 Apr 1899Maine, USA I4923
7 CROCKER, Lulie J.  28 Dec 1957Maine, USA I3498
8 DAVIS, Arthur C.  1955Maine, USA I17835
9 DEMUTH, Ida  8 Apr 1943Maine, USA I2765
10 DINGLEY, Otis E.  1929Maine, USA I2903
11 GODING, Stella F.  8 Jan 1944Maine, USA I3003
12 HAYWARD, Albert  Abt 1883Maine, USA I2554
13 JACOBS, George  Bef Nov 1781Maine, USA I6435
14 KNOWLTON, Carroll W.  30 May 1892Maine, USA I4396
15 KNOWLTON, Irving S.  29 Mar 1883Maine, USA I4395
16 KNOWLTON, Joshua  15 Apr 1873Maine, USA I418
17 KNOWLTON, Newell Russell  20 May 1926Maine, USA I2992
18 KNOWLTON, Sylvanus Rice  15 Jan 1948Maine, USA I2993
19 LAWRENCE, Sarah  Between 1880 and 1892Maine, USA I7910
20 LOVEJOY, Ada P.  1956Maine, USA I2902
21 LOWELL, Amy  Bef 1900Maine, USA I493
22 LOWELL, George Edward  10 Nov 1907Maine, USA I442
23 LOWELL, Ira  Bef 1870Maine, USA I3245
24 LOWELL, Irving  Bef 1880Maine, USA I3191
25 LOWELL, Julia Ella  16 Jul 1923Maine, USA I440
26 MITCHELL, Ralph W.  Bef 1910Maine, USA I3568
27 NASON, Jennie S.  22 Sep 1934Maine, USA I2997
28 NILES, Emily L.  1889Maine, USA I3445
29 PARSONS, Francis D.  1908Maine, USA I426
30 PETERSON, Charles H.  1952Maine, USA I17891
31 PETERSON, Eliza Jane  1 Jan 1908Maine, USA I7407
32 PETERSON, Frank Elmer  20 Sep 1865Maine, USA I7609
33 PETERSON, Kate “Katie”  25 Sep 1865Maine, USA I7610
34 PETERSON, Roscoe Lewis  1938Maine, USA I17889
35 PHILBROOK, Henry J.  Between 1920 and 1930Maine, USA I3461
36 POST, Alden S.  Sep 1958Maine, USA I3467
37 POST, Lucy M.  21 Oct 1874Maine, USA I3431
38 POST, Mary E.  27 Jun 1876Maine, USA I3432
39 POST, Nellie J.  Aft 1930Maine, USA I3448
40 POST, Ralph E.  25 Apr 1999Maine, USA I3466
41 PRESCOTT, Albert J.  Aft 1930Maine, USA I3449
42 SEDGLEY, Eva  Bef 1900Maine, USA I3563
43 SIMONTON, Margaret B.  13 Aug 1890Maine, USA I3430
44 SIMONTON, Melissa A.  1908Maine, USA I3434
45 SMITH, Hazel Ida  21 Jun 1963Maine, USA I2073
46 SPENCER, Benjamin L.  29 Dec 1964Maine, USA I3497
47 SPENCER, Hiram B.  1895Maine, USA I3493
48 TAYLOR, Nellie E.  1926Maine, USA I17890
49 TOWNSEND, Bernice E.  13 May 1982Maine, USA I19520
50 TRASK, Ambrose E. B.  1891Maine, USA I17061
51 TRASK, Elisha  1889Maine, USA I17831
52 TRASK, Jane M. “Jennie”  1929Maine, USA I17834
53 TRASK, Ludelphus E.  Bef 1930Maine, USA I2984
54 TRASK, Martin Manning  1924Maine, USA I17068
55 TURNER, Miranda  29 Sep 1888Maine, USA I557
56 VOSE, Marcia M.  Bef 1930Maine, USA I3250
57 VOTER, Helen M.  1953Maine, USA I2951
58 WHITTIER, Lizzie S.  21 Jul 1913Maine, USA I3000


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AVERILL / VOTER  16 Jul 1933Maine, USA F1269
2 BRIGGS / VOTER  12 Oct 1930Maine, USA F1268
3 BURGESS / HAYWARD  17 Aug 1912Maine, USA F1111
4 CUDDIE / PINKERTON  10 Apr 1993Maine, USA F15562
5 DOW / FLETCHER  21 May 1953Maine, USA F1508
6 DUDLEY / BOWDEN  24 Apr 1918Maine, USA F1685
7 DUDLEY / PEAVEY  18 Oct 1902Maine, USA F1682
8 FARNUM / LOWELL  11 Jan 1925Maine, USA F1308
9 FARNUM / TALBOT  26 Nov 1891Maine, USA F1309
10 FORD / FLETCHER  16 Mar 1943Maine, USA F1506
11 FURBUSH / LOCKLIN  23 May 1862Maine, USA F295
12 FURBUSH / WALKER  22 Oct 1856Maine, USA F2600
13 GATCHELL / FLETCHER  12 Nov 1938Maine, USA F1505
14 HALE / BIXBY  23 Dec 1847Maine, USA F1304
15 HAYWARD / ROBBINS  11 Dec 1926Maine, USA F1177
16 HEAL / FLETCHER  1 Feb 1947Maine, USA F1507
17 HOWARD / FURBUSH  Abt 1841Maine, USA F2074
18 HUSTON / LAVENDER  21 Sep 1905Maine, USA F1444
19 JONES / ATWOOD  15 Oct 1899Maine, USA F306
20 KNOWLTON / BICKFORD  25 Dec 1903Maine, USA F1478
21 KNOWLTON / BUTTERFIELD  11 Nov 1887Maine, USA F1292
22 KNOWLTON / GODING  25 Dec 1901Maine, USA F1287
23 KNOWLTON / WHITTIER  21 Dec 1885Maine, USA F1289
24 MACKINNON / VOTER  28 Nov 1945Maine, USA F1272
25 MCLEAN / HAYWARD  24 Jun 1950Maine, USA F1183
27 MITCHELL / VOTER  7 Apr 1927Maine, USA F1267
28 MURRAY / WAITE   F1295
29 PAGE / DUDLEY  28 May 1894Maine, USA F1681
30 PETERSON / BLAKE  Maine, USA F3662
31 PHILBROOK / VON DOHLEN  21 Nov 1947Maine, USA F1467
32 PINKERTON / WOOD  1 Mar 1966Maine, USA F15560
34 POST / SNOW  24 Nov 1938Maine, USA F1465
35 POST / WITHAM  25 Jul 1942Maine, USA F1466
36 PRESCOTT / FARRINGTON  19 Sep 1916Maine, USA F1457
37 PRESCOTT / STRATTON  26 Sep 1912Maine, USA F1456
38 SMITH / HAYWARD   F1118
39 SMITH / HUBBARD   F5674
40 STICKNEY / WILLIAMS  29 Aug 1916Maine, USA F1167
43 TOBIN / THOMPSON  6 Oct 1939Maine, USA F1691
44 TRASK / COOK  16 May 1829Maine, USA F2803
45 TRASK / JENNINGS  15 Jul 1950Maine, USA F1285
46 TRASK / TILTON  11 Aug 1934Maine, USA F1284
47 WAITE / ALLEN  25 Dec 1908Maine, USA F1293
48 WAITE / TURNER  14 Oct 1933Maine, USA F1294