Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA


Tree: Lowell&Block
Latitude: 44.6704998, Longitude: -70.1512169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ATWOOD, Augustine Alfred  23 Mar 1840Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2763 Lowell&Block 
2 ATWOOD, Leonard  30 Jul 1845Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2210 Lowell&Block 
3 ATWOOD, Marion Augusta  2 Sep 1876Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I441 Lowell&Block 
4 BROWN, Charles Daniel  5 Dec 1832Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2778 Lowell&Block 
5 BROWN, Elizabeth A.  15 Nov 1830Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2776 Lowell&Block 
6 BUTLER, Harriet Byram  13 Mar 1809Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I467 Lowell&Block 
7 CUTLER, Ella Emma  25 Jan 1861Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I415 Lowell&Block 
8 DINGLEY, Elwood F.  17 Mar 1901Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I3048 Lowell&Block 
9 DINGLEY, Maxine L.  8 Aug 1902Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I3049 Lowell&Block 
10 DYER, Aaron H.  7 Aug 1848Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I416 Lowell&Block 
11 DYER, Charles Sumner  25 Jan 1876Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2855 Lowell&Block 
12 DYER, Ralph H.  20 Jun 1877Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2856 Lowell&Block 
13 HISCOCK, Hannah A.  Abt 1841Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I16775 Lowell&Block 
14 JENNINGS, Katie A.  25 Jan 1861Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2323 Lowell&Block 
15 KNOWLTON, Clarinda “Clara”  1860Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2990 Lowell&Block 
16 KNOWLTON, Emma Lydia  15 May 1854Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2991 Lowell&Block 
17 KNOWLTON, Florentine Mae  9 Jul 1887Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I5906 Lowell&Block 
18 KNOWLTON, Fred Lewis  2 Nov 1862Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2994 Lowell&Block 
19 KNOWLTON, Joshua Linscott  May 1821Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2964 Lowell&Block 
20 KNOWLTON, Newell Russell  20 Apr 1856Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2992 Lowell&Block 
21 KNOWLTON, Sylvanus Cobb  17 Mar 1827Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2966 Lowell&Block 
22 KNOWLTON, Sylvanus Rice  15 Jun 1859Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2993 Lowell&Block 
23 LOVEJOY, Ada P.  24 Nov 1878Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2902 Lowell&Block 
24 LOWELL, Albert Shaw  23 Mar 1893Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I435 Lowell&Block 
25 LOWELL, Annie Lenora  31 May 1885Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2945 Lowell&Block 
26 LOWELL, Arthur Currier  11 Apr 1884Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I448 Lowell&Block 
27 LOWELL, Barzillai  10 Jul 1821Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I383 Lowell&Block 
28 LOWELL, Benjamin  5 Oct 1809Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I389 Lowell&Block 
29 LOWELL, Benjamin Franklin  30 Dec 1837Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I395 Lowell&Block 
30 LOWELL, Charles  3 May 1853Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I414 Lowell&Block 
31 LOWELL, Charles Weaver  22 May 1886Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2016 Lowell&Block 
32 LOWELL, Captain and Honorable Charles Winthrop  20 Nov 1834Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I472 Lowell&Block 
33 LOWELL, Cyrus  Abt 1814Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I423 Lowell&Block 
34 LOWELL, Darwin Prescott  8 Oct 1879Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I591 Lowell&Block 
35 LOWELL, Edith M.  Mar 1879Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2974 Lowell&Block 
36 LOWELL, Edward B.  12 Aug 1886Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I444 Lowell&Block 
37 LOWELL, Elbridge C.  11 Oct 1891Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2018 Lowell&Block 
38 LOWELL, Elmer B.  10 Jan 1888Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I436 Lowell&Block 
39 LOWELL, Elmer Howard  28 Jul 1861Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I433 Lowell&Block 
40 LOWELL, Emily  17 Jul 1817Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I385 Lowell&Block 
41 LOWELL, Emily Hannah  3 Jan 1852Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I417 Lowell&Block 
42 LOWELL, Eunice  Jun 1807Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I478 Lowell&Block 
43 LOWELL, Florence B.  29 Mar 1889Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2204 Lowell&Block 
44 LOWELL, Frances Harriet  1 Jun 1841Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I391 Lowell&Block 
45 LOWELL, George Morrison  22 Nov 1850Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I407 Lowell&Block 
46 LOWELL, George Sumner  9 Mar 1880Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I445 Lowell&Block 
47 LOWELL, Harriet  20 Dec 1811Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I388 Lowell&Block 
48 LOWELL, Henry Sherburn  13 Nov 1821Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I461 Lowell&Block 
49 LOWELL, Hervey William  28 Dec 1851Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I446 Lowell&Block 
50 LOWELL, Howard H.  19 Nov 1921Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2772 Lowell&Block 
51 LOWELL, James Sullivan  11 Jul 1855Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I411 Lowell&Block 
52 LOWELL, Jesse Sumner  11 Jul 1855Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I412 Lowell&Block 
53 LOWELL, Jessie  1815Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I422 Lowell&Block 
54 LOWELL, John Jr.  29 Jul 1807Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I392 Lowell&Block 
55 LOWELL, Joshua Bartlett  1 Jan 1805Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I405 Lowell&Block 
56 LOWELL, Joshua Jophanus  22 Nov 1843Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I408 Lowell&Block 
57 LOWELL, Julia Ella  30 May 1846Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I440 Lowell&Block 
58 LOWELL, Leonard M.  10 Jul 1811Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I465 Lowell&Block 
59 LOWELL, Lincoln B.  4 May 1897Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2206 Lowell&Block 
60 LOWELL, Louisa “Lois” Hicks  7 Apr 1814Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I387 Lowell&Block 
61 LOWELL, Lydia  21 Dec 1802Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I419 Lowell&Block 
62 LOWELL, Margaret Ella  Feb 1900Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2207 Lowell&Block 
63 LOWELL, Mary  13 May 1813Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I464 Lowell&Block 
64 LOWELL, Mary  21 Oct 1861Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I410 Lowell&Block 
65 LOWELL, Mary Elizabeth  20 Sep 1847Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I594 Lowell&Block 
66 LOWELL, Mary Emily  24 Mar 1895Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2017 Lowell&Block 
67 LOWELL, Miriam  30 Jan 1822Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I460 Lowell&Block 
68 LOWELL, Nelson True  30 Jul 1824Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I453 Lowell&Block 
69 LOWELL, Oliver W.  Abt 1823Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I519 Lowell&Block 
70 LOWELL, Osroe Warren  20 Aug 1866Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I294 Lowell&Block 
71 LOWELL, Hon. Philip Smith  13 May 1809Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I466 Lowell&Block 
72 LOWELL, Phyllis   I2770 Lowell&Block 
73 LOWELL, Reuben  15 Jan 1805Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I479 Lowell&Block 
74 LOWELL, Roland Gladstone  10 Dec 1887Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2946 Lowell&Block 
75 LOWELL, Samuel  2 Dec 1807Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I449 Lowell&Block 
76 LOWELL, Sarah  10 Jan 1805Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I451 Lowell&Block 
77 LOWELL, Sarah Rosamond  9 Mar 1830Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I402 Lowell&Block 
78 LOWELL, Simeon  1811Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I430 Lowell&Block 
79 LOWELL, Timothy “Little Dovie”  Abt Dec 1859Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2764 Lowell&Block 
80 LOWELL, Timothy Bartlett  13 Oct 1809Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I431 Lowell&Block 
81 LOWELL, Wendell P.  3 May 1890Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2205 Lowell&Block 
82 LOWELL, William Wheeler  8 Jun 1813Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I424 Lowell&Block 
83 LUCE, ?  27 Feb 1885Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I8275 Lowell&Block 
84 LUCE, Almon J.  15 Jul 1890Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I8277 Lowell&Block 
85 LUCE, Clyde E.  17 Jun 1883Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I8274 Lowell&Block 
86 LUCE, Eva  2 Jun 1887Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I8276 Lowell&Block 
87 LUCE, Frank C.  18 Aug 1876Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I8272 Lowell&Block 
88 LUCE, George M.  8 Sep 1880Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I8273 Lowell&Block 
89 NILES, Adeline  Abt 1811Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I390 Lowell&Block 
90 NUTTING, Grace E.  Abt 1907Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I7274 Lowell&Block 
91 PARLIN, Mehala (Mehaley) Norton  11 Aug 1878Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I21134 Lowell&Block 
92 PETERSON, Eliza Jane  25 Mar 1827Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I7407 Lowell&Block 
93 PETERSON, Morgiana “Margie” Allen  8 Dec 1840Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I4527 Lowell&Block 
94 PETERSON, Nellie E.  Mar 1884Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I7273 Lowell&Block 
95 PRESCOTT, Louisa  12 Mar 1821Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I586 Lowell&Block 
96 PRIEST, Fannie May  Apr 1891Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2905 Lowell&Block 
97 SHAW, Sarah E.  Nov 1841Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I3830 Lowell&Block 
98 STOYELL, Abigail  30 Dec 1798Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I575 Lowell&Block 
99 TOWNSEND, Michael Ardean   I19529 Lowell&Block 
100 TOWNSEND, Vernon Penley  16 Nov 1904Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I19519 Lowell&Block 
101 TRASK, Florence J.  1885Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I20105 Lowell&Block 
102 TRASK, Gladys  19 Nov 1891Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I8188 Lowell&Block 
103 WHITNEY, Charles Harold   I5810 Lowell&Block 
104 WHITNEY, Gladys F.  9 Oct 1920Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2234 Lowell&Block 
105 WHITNEY, Harold Gould  25 May 1895Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2229 Lowell&Block 
106 WHITNEY, Pauline Laila   I5808 Lowell&Block 
107 WHITNEY, Reginald Ehrinfried  22 Mar 1909Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2233 Lowell&Block 


Matches 1 to 112 of 112

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?, Mary E.  27 May 1873Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I3835 Lowell&Block 
2 ATWOOD, Augustine Alfred  12 Dec 1904Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2763 Lowell&Block 
3 ATWOOD, Isaac D.  26 Jun 1891Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2208 Lowell&Block 
4 ATWOOD, John H.  30 Jun 1852Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2212 Lowell&Block 
5 ATWOOD, Julia D.  31 Jul 1842Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2209 Lowell&Block 
6 ATWOOD, Mary  13 Mar 1845Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I3505 Lowell&Block 
7 AVERILL, Merritt J.  27 Sep 1984Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2955 Lowell&Block 
8 BARKER, Lester Edgar  15 Jun 1972Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I5892 Lowell&Block 
9 BARNJUM, Olive  12 Feb 1984Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I5813 Lowell&Block 
10 BARTLETT, Lois  26 Jan 1859Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I380 Lowell&Block 
11 BEAN, Clara M.  27 Mar 1908Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I443 Lowell&Block 
12 BLAISDELL, Clarinda  14 Oct 1859Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2970 Lowell&Block 
13 BRIGGS, Wealthy Safford  4 Jan 1894Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I432 Lowell&Block 
14 BURBANK, Hannah Cooper  24 May 1883Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I409 Lowell&Block 
15 BUTTERFIELD, Fred E.  25 Jul 1893Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I5996 Lowell&Block 
16 CHANDLER, David Holt  23 Sep 1897Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I653 Lowell&Block 
17 CHANDLER, Sarah J.  15 Apr 1908Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I862 Lowell&Block 
18 COLBURN, Rebecca A. F.  13 Oct 1886Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2971 Lowell&Block 
19 COOK, Eliza S.  11 Feb 1854Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2013 Lowell&Block 
20 CURRIER, Henrietta “Etta” Keith  21 Mar 1909Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I447 Lowell&Block 
21 CURTIS, Elizabeth  24 Aug 1910Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I16409 Lowell&Block 
22 CUTLER, Ella Emma  3 Jun 1929Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I415 Lowell&Block 
23 DILLINGHAM, Alice Abbie  13 Jun 1900Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I3607 Lowell&Block 
24 DYER, Aaron H.  7 Jun 1913Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I416 Lowell&Block 
25 EAMES, Samuel  24 Mar 1837Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I523 Lowell&Block 
26 FURBUSH, Ann Augusta  1 Jun 1921Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I273 Lowell&Block 
27 HISCOCK, Hannah A.  31 Oct 1895Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I16775 Lowell&Block 
28 KENNEDY, Flora May  31 Oct 1951Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I5890 Lowell&Block 
29 KNOWLTON, Clarinda “Clara”  3 Jan 1861Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2990 Lowell&Block 
30 KNOWLTON, Florentine M.  Bef 1910Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2999 Lowell&Block 
31 KNOWLTON, Fred Lewis  27 Dec 1947Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2994 Lowell&Block 
32 KNOWLTON, Jane  5 Dec 1821Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I487 Lowell&Block 
33 KNOWLTON, Russell Linscott  5 Apr 1861Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2965 Lowell&Block 
34 KNOWLTON, Sylvanus Cobb  14 Sep 1910Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2966 Lowell&Block 
35 LINSCOTT, Mary Jane  22 May 1857Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I20925 Lowell&Block 
36 LOVEJOY, Clarence F.  26 Jul 1883Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2901 Lowell&Block 
37 LOWELL, Annie Lenora  18 Feb 1967Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2945 Lowell&Block 
38 LOWELL, Augusta  26 Mar 1827Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I576 Lowell&Block 
39 LOWELL, Barzillai  20 Oct 1872Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I383 Lowell&Block 
40 LOWELL, Benjamin  2 May 1888Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I389 Lowell&Block 
41 LOWELL, Charles  15 Feb 1931Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I414 Lowell&Block 
42 LOWELL, Edith Marie  7 Jan 1889Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2219 Lowell&Block 
43 LOWELL, Elbridge C.  18 Jan 1892Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2018 Lowell&Block 
44 LOWELL, Elizabeth “Betsey”  31 May 1877Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I483 Lowell&Block 
45 LOWELL, Elmer Howard  7 Aug 1943Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I433 Lowell&Block 
46 LOWELL, Emily Hannah  1932Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I417 Lowell&Block 
47 LOWELL, Frances Harriet  19 Mar 1847Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I391 Lowell&Block 
48 LOWELL, George Morrison  31 Jul 1872Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I407 Lowell&Block 
49 LOWELL, George Sumner  28 Jul 1929Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I445 Lowell&Block 
50 LOWELL, Hannah  16 Jul 1834Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I573 Lowell&Block 
51 LOWELL, Harriet  16 Oct 1838Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I388 Lowell&Block 
52 LOWELL, Hervey William  14 Sep 1912Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I446 Lowell&Block 
53 LOWELL, James Sullivan  11 Jul 1855Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I411 Lowell&Block 
54 LOWELL, Jesse Sumner  6 Jan 1937Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I412 Lowell&Block 
55 LOWELL, John Jr.  29 Dec 1861Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I392 Lowell&Block 
56 LOWELL, John  5 Apr 1868Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I379 Lowell&Block 
57 LOWELL, Joshua Bartlett  1 Nov 1884Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I405 Lowell&Block 
58 LOWELL, Julia Virginia  23 Dec 1861Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I587 Lowell&Block 
59 LOWELL, Lincoln B.  6 Feb 1977Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2206 Lowell&Block 
60 LOWELL, Lydia  6 Oct 1843Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I419 Lowell&Block 
61 LOWELL, Mary  1 Nov 1861Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I410 Lowell&Block 
62 LOWELL, Mary Emily  4 Jun 1906Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2017 Lowell&Block 
63 LOWELL, Miriam  31 Jan 1899Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I460 Lowell&Block 
64 LOWELL, Prescott  8 Dec 1861Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I592 Lowell&Block 
65 LOWELL, Rossamus K.  17 Jun 1837Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I574 Lowell&Block 
66 LOWELL, Sarah B. “Sally”  12 Aug 1794Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I524 Lowell&Block 
67 LOWELL, Sarah Rosamond  1 Oct 1890Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I402 Lowell&Block 
68 LOWELL, Simeon  2 Sep 1843Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I430 Lowell&Block 
69 LOWELL, Simeon Heath  2 Aug 1876Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I585 Lowell&Block 
70 LOWELL, Timothy “Little Dovie”  30 Sep 1860Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2764 Lowell&Block 
71 LOWELL, Timothy Bartlett  4 Nov 1884Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I431 Lowell&Block 
72 LOWELL, Wendell P.  4 Sep 1934Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2205 Lowell&Block 
73 MORRISON, Chloe P.  5 Dec 1850Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I406 Lowell&Block 
74 NILE, Harriet E.  13 Nov 2005Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I19524 Lowell&Block 
75 NILES, Adeline  17 Sep 1893Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I390 Lowell&Block 
76 NORTON, James Smith Brooks  1900Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I4855 Lowell&Block 
77 NUTTING, Thomas E.  1963Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I7684 Lowell&Block 
78 PAGE, Abigail “Abbie”  13 Mar 1914Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2972 Lowell&Block 
79 PARLIN, Mehala (Mehaley) Norton  6 Apr 1966Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I21134 Lowell&Block 
80 PETERSON, Charles Kent  21 Oct 1882Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I3439 Lowell&Block 
81 PETERSON, Morgiana “Margie” Allen  25 Jan 1926Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I4527 Lowell&Block 
82 PETERSON, Nellie E.  1943Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I7273 Lowell&Block 
83 PRESCOTT, Louisa  9 Mar 1896Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I586 Lowell&Block 
84 RICE, Abby J.  13 May 1909Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I7271 Lowell&Block 
85 RUSSELL, Effie M.  1972Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I18490 Lowell&Block 
86 SHAW, Sarah E.  5 Jan 1909Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I3830 Lowell&Block 
87 SMITH, Betsey  6 Aug 1827Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I463 Lowell&Block 
88 STOYELL, Abigail  3 Mar 1829Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I575 Lowell&Block 
89 SWEET, John Allen Jr.  10 Feb 1949Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I10568 Lowell&Block 
90 TILTON, Susie M.  24 Jul 1985Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2986 Lowell&Block 
91 TIMBERLAKE, Etta May  Jun 1867Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I403 Lowell&Block 
92 TRASK, Frank J.  30 Jun 1930Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I8183 Lowell&Block 
93 TRASK, Gladys  10 Feb 1893Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I8188 Lowell&Block 
94 TRASK, Glenys M.  8 Jul 1907Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I8189 Lowell&Block 
95 TRASK, Hannah  29 Aug 1891Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I3440 Lowell&Block 
96 TRASK, Otis  26 Sep 1899Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I8023 Lowell&Block 
97 TRASK, T. V.  28 Sep 1899Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I16665 Lowell&Block 
98 TRASK, Wallace F.  20 Aug 1991Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2985 Lowell&Block 
99 TRASK, William A.  24 Mar 1872Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I16427 Lowell&Block 
100 TRUE, Augusta Romantha  21 Dec 1900Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I8020 Lowell&Block 
101 VOTER, Alice G.  28 Sep 1988Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2949 Lowell&Block 
102 VOTER, Annie L.  18 Feb 1967Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2953 Lowell&Block 
103 VOTER, Arthur T.  21 Sep 1962Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2948 Lowell&Block 
104 VOTER, Warren S.  30 Nov 1988Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2952 Lowell&Block 
105 WHITNEY, Carroll Charles  22 Feb 1936Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I1342 Lowell&Block 
106 WHITNEY, Converse William  1936Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I1341 Lowell&Block 
107 WHITNEY, Gladys F.  20 Apr 1930Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2234 Lowell&Block 
108 WHITNEY, Reginald Ehrinfried  13 Oct 1959Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I2233 Lowell&Block 
109 WHITTEN, Issachar D.  6 Feb 1888Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I3834 Lowell&Block 
110 WHITTEN, James H.  16 Jan 1877Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I3833 Lowell&Block 
111 WHITTEN, Laura A.  11 Sep 1913Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I434 Lowell&Block 
112 WORTHING, Martha Jane  11 Apr 1917Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA I4653 Lowell&Block 


Matches 1 to 68 of 68

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS / WEEKS  4 Nov 1940Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1928 Lowell&Block 
2 ATWOOD / LOWELL  30 Jan 1838Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F312 Lowell&Block 
3 ATWOOD / LOWELL  3 Feb 1875Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1196 Lowell&Block 
4 BAILEY / LOWELL  20 Jun 1841Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F142 Lowell&Block 
5 BARR / LOWELL  6 Jul 1920Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F987 Lowell&Block 
6 BLARNEY / BORDEN   F1283 Lowell&Block 
7 BUTTERFIELD / ADAMS  3 Aug 1889Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1475 Lowell&Block 
8 CATES / DILLINGHAM  7 Mar 1879Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F13865 Lowell&Block 
9 CHILDS / BULLEN  25 Feb 1855Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1754 Lowell&Block 
10 CHILDS / JOHNSON  2 Mar 1835Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1753 Lowell&Block 
11 COOK / LOWELL  7 Mar 1820Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F174 Lowell&Block 
12 DINGLEY / LOVEJOY  6 Jan 1900Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1249 Lowell&Block 
13 DYER / LOWELL  16 Dec 1872Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F152 Lowell&Block 
14 FRENCH / WEEKS  24 Apr 1943Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1253 Lowell&Block 
15 FURBUSH / LORD  11 Oct 1855Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F2614 Lowell&Block 
16 JONES / TRASK  7 Oct 1889Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F2903 Lowell&Block 
17 KNOWLTON / BLAISDELL  13 Dec 1857Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1275 Lowell&Block 
18 KNOWLTON / COLBY  30 Oct 1844Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1274 Lowell&Block 
19 KNOWLTON / CUTLER  22 May 1880Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1926 Lowell&Block 
20 KNOWLTON / PILLSBURY  23 May 1844Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1291 Lowell&Block 
21 KNOWLTON / TRASK  8 Nov 1865Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F910 Lowell&Block 
22 LAVENDER / LOWELL  13 Oct 1880Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F160 Lowell&Block 
23 LOWELL / BARTLETT  22 Dec 1803Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F154 Lowell&Block 
24 LOWELL / BUTLER  25 Jul 1832Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F168 Lowell&Block 
25 LOWELL / BUTTERFIELD  4 Apr 1853Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F146 Lowell&Block 
26 LOWELL / CHURCH  11 Dec 1881Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F989 Lowell&Block 
27 LOWELL / CUTLER  8 Dec 1884Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F151 Lowell&Block 
28 LOWELL / DEMUTH  25 Feb 1917Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F577 Lowell&Block 
29 LOWELL / FURBUSH  14 Sep 1863Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F92 Lowell&Block 
30 LOWELL / JENNINGS  2 Jun 1852Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F219 Lowell&Block 
31 LOWELL / KENNEY  1 Jan 1908Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1266 Lowell&Block 
32 LOWELL / KNOWLTON  9 Jul 1829Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F144 Lowell&Block 
33 LOWELL / LOWELL  10 Jun 1821Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F94 Lowell&Block 
34 LOWELL / MADDOCKS  31 Dec 1822Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F177 Lowell&Block 
35 LOWELL / MORRISON  24 Apr 1827Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F148 Lowell&Block 
36 LOWELL / NILES  2 Feb 1840Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F143 Lowell&Block 
37 LOWELL / PAGE  25 Dec 1871Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F909 Lowell&Block 
38 LOWELL / PRESCOTT  29 Oct 1846Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F206 Lowell&Block 
39 LOWELL / ROBERTS  28 Jul 1945Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1200 Lowell&Block 
40 LOWELL / SMITH  24 Dec 1795Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F167 Lowell&Block 
41 LOWELL / STOYELL  3 Jul 1821Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F202 Lowell&Block 
42 LOWELL / WHITTEN  16 Apr 1887Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F159 Lowell&Block 
43 LOWELL / WILLIAMS  10 Nov 1807Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F106 Lowell&Block 
44 MCDOUGALL / LOWELL  17 Aug 1910Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F986 Lowell&Block 
45 MITCHELL / LOWELL  Mar 1789Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F189 Lowell&Block 
46 MORRISON / LOWELL  16 May 1826Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F210 Lowell&Block 
47 NICKERSON / CHANDLER  13 Jun 1872Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F448 Lowell&Block 
48 NILES / LOWELL  18 Feb 1841Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F141 Lowell&Block 
49 NORTON / PETERSON  20 Mar 1863Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F2251 Lowell&Block 
50 PETERSON / RICE  1 Jan 1878Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F2629 Lowell&Block 
51 PRIEST / TIMBERLAKE  16 Jun 1888Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1250 Lowell&Block 
52 REMICK / WILLIAMS  23 Jun 1831Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F13351 Lowell&Block 
53 RUSSELL / DILLINGHAM  22 Sep 1904Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1516 Lowell&Block 
54 TOWNSEND / RUSSELL  19 Sep 1903Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F13857 Lowell&Block 
55 TRACY / NUTTING  28 Jun 1934Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F2631 Lowell&Block 
56 TRASK / BURNS  7 Jan 1902Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F5610 Lowell&Block 
57 TRASK / CHURCHILL  2 Feb 1889Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F2902 Lowell&Block 
58 TRASK / HISCOCK  1 Nov 1868Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F3621 Lowell&Block 
59 TRASK / KNAPP  27 Feb 1901Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F5618 Lowell&Block 
60 TRASK / LUCE  20 Feb 1800Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F2760 Lowell&Block 
61 VOTER / COLBURN   F1270 Lowell&Block 
62 VOTER / LOWELL  6 Sep 1905Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1265 Lowell&Block 
63 WALKER / CURRIER  30 Jun 1903Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F2695 Lowell&Block 
64 WALKER / PETERSON  13 Dec 1904Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F2252 Lowell&Block 
65 WEEKS / PRIEST  14 Feb 1914Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1251 Lowell&Block 
66 WHITNEY / GOULD  11 Jan 1895Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F652 Lowell&Block 
67 WHITNEY / WINSHIP   F995 Lowell&Block 
68 WHITTEN / SHAW  6 Jul 1863Farmington, Franklin, Maine, USA F1580 Lowell&Block