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Male 1870 - 1943  (72 years)

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  • Name Daniel CAPLAN 
    Born 15 Apr 1870  Latvia Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 3 Mar 1943  Auschwitz, Oświęcim, Poland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • From the HL-SENTERET website:
      "Daniel Caplan
      Daniel Caplan was born on April 15, 1870 in Latvia and was killed in Auschwitz on March 3, 1943 in Auschwitz. He was married to Anna Sara Caplan.
      Daniel Caplan was born into a poor family working on a large farm in Kurland, Latvia. Daniel was lucky and was taught with the farm owner's children. He trained as a carpenter. Due to persecution of Jews in Russia, Daniel fled with the brothers to Manchester in England around 1890. There he worked as a businessman and married Estonian Anna Sara Glück. They had five sons and one daughter together.

      Daniel Caplan came to Norway for the first time in 1903, and traveled around as a business traveler while his family lived in England. In 1908 he got the right to trade in Bergen. Shortly afterwards he moved to Trondheim, and his family came in 1912. But Daniel saw greater opportunities to run a business in Tromsø, and from 1910 he commuted there while his family remained in Trondheim, where they were among other members of the Jewish congregation. The family became Norwegian citizens in 1922.

      Caplan started the London Bazaar at Strandgata 34 in 1910, and this he and several of his sons operated when they were old enough. In the shop they sold everything from tools to bags and strollers, and the store had its own department where everything cost either ten or fifteen cents.

      Daniel Caplan, eventually called Old Caplan, was a caring employer and a generous drummer. Among other things, he donated free household appliances from his business when many families lost all property in a major fire in the city and each Christmas he distributed gifts to the poor. The family eventually settled on Strandgata 34 in Tromsø.

      On June 18, 1941, Herze, Solly and Chone were arrested along with many of Tromsø's Jews. Due to his old age, Daniel Caplan was not taken, but in early 1942 the State Police took over his business premises. He is arrested along with other male Jews in Norway on November 26, 1942, and sent to Oslo and interned at Bretvedt prison. Due to his old age, he was released soon after, and he returned to Tromsø.

      In early 1943 he suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. There he was arrested in February, taken to Oslo and from there sent to Auschwitz where he was gassed to death on the third of March 1943.

      Inventory of his business is distributed among several of Caplan's former competitors, and his home is used by the National Collection County Organization in Troms, among others. A state police official took his home.

      Anna Sara Caplan remained in Trondheim until she died of illness in 1932."

      From website:ø:
      Strandgata 34 (Tromsø)
      Strandgata 34 is beautiful, even in dim November lights. Anne-Lise Caplan, who runs the shop on the right, is the last survivor of Tromsø's Jews from the wartime. She was born in 1940.

      At Strandgata 34 in Tromsø is the grocer Morten Molschou's house, one of the oldest in the city, it must have been erected in 1806. The house's garden was on the other side of the street, facing the sea.

      Matrikkelnr. 111 originally covered both Strandgata 32 and 34. In 1868 a divisional business was held where the property was divided into 2, lot no. 111a (Strandgata 34) and 111b ( Strandgata 32 ), registered in 1872.

      Morten Molschou

      Measurement letter to merchant Morten Molschou on grounds and garden space, dated 8 Feb. 1802, registered 4 Oct. 1803. - Basic letter to Morten Molschou on a plot, dated 26 September. 1811, registered March 4, 1812.

      At Molschou's death in 1830, her daughter Johanne Margrethe and her husband Nicolai Normann took over the farm and business. Normann died in the 1850s.

      In 1865, organist Carl Johan Moe lived here with wife Ulrikke and two children, driving Lars and Petronella Paulsen with three children, as well as Jakob and Britta Kanck from Sweden who lived on poor support.

      Sharing business whereby no. 111 divided in two, 1868.

      Auction joint from Nic. Normann to Andreas Aagaard , JFD Mack , P. Hanssen & Co and bailiff Dreyers live on matnr. 111a, 1872.

      Auction joint from Nic. Normann to Martin Berg on mat. 111b and more, 1872. See Strandgata 32.

      Paul Olsen Killie

      Paul Olsen Killie (b. 1841, Dovre) joined his uncle Erik Killi who served in the early 1860s and started the business PO Killie in May 1868.

      In 1865 he lives with his uncle in Storgata 106 where they rent a house with Mekael Urdal.

      In 1873 he bought Standgata 34 and moved the business there. Joined from Aagaard, Mack, P. Hanssen & Co and bailiff Dreyer's residence to PO Killi, 1873.

      In 1875: Merchant Paul O and Elise Cristine Killie (b. Knudsen, Tromsø 1848 - 1881) with two foster children, merchant Søren S. Holst Giæver with wife Thora and four children and servants, peasant friend Hans Tobias and Regine Didriksen with four children. Elise dies in 1881.

      In 1885: Merchant Paul Olsen Killie with foster child Elisa Bardstad Rønneberg and maid Eva Josefine Salamonsen, res. Captain Otto Christian Thinn with his wife Johanne Wilhelmine, six children and maids Hanna Margrethe Lorentsen and Thora Karoline Thoresen, poorly supported Indianna Lavine Knudsen, merchant Edvard Severin Hansen, fisherman Hans Mathias Jørgensen, teacher in the Tromsø Sound Søren Hansen.

      In 1886 PO Killie marries Inga Marie Pettersen, daughter of tailor master Hans Bertheus and Golla Pettersen, see Sjøgata 1. They have 8 children.

      PO Killie closed his business in Tromsø in the mid-1890s and moved with his family to Sletnes in Lenvik where he died in 1919. The store was taken over by Henrik Lium who also bought the house at Strandgata 34 in 1899.

      In 1900, butcher and merchant Henrik Lium lived here with his housekeeper, Eilert and Kristianne Hansen ran a pension, works Hans and Maren Berg, fisherman Esekius Knudsen with family lived here, a total of 27 persons were registered at this address.

      In 1910, Lium sold the farm to Lauritz Bredrup.

      Lauritz Bredrup

      The widow Agnethe Nilsen, with three minor children, ran a hotel here in 1910. Agent, bookkeeper, accountant Lauritz Bredrup of Kristiania was married to Margot Mack and they had two daughters, in the backyard operated Johan E. and Synnel Nilsen with family with nails " patchwork, coma, etc »»»».

      In 1916 they lived here: Agent Lauritz and Margot Bredrup, Sigurd works, Ane Susanne and saleswoman Hilda Kjæreng, fisherman Johan and Synhild Henrikke Nilsen, as well as traders Sellik and Helga Victoria Sakolsky.

      Lauritz Bredrup ran his own affiliate business with great success, but as the son-in-law of Ludvig Mack, owner of Mack's brewery, he became involved in the operation. From 1915 he joined the brewery as CEO.

      Lauritz Bredrup owned the farm in 1918/32. In 1932, a power of attorney from L. Bredrup to Tromsø Handels- og Privatbank in liquidation was registered under off. to manage the property; sell, shoot and hand it to anyone.

      When Bredrup moved out, Engens hotel moved into the second floor (1932). The hotel was often used for parties and weddings.

      In 1934, Tromsø Handels- og Privatbank sold the farm to Daniel Caplan.

      Daniel Caplan

      Daniel Caplan's "Londoner Bazar" was opened in 1910. Here, just about everything was sold; manu- facture, hardware, short goods, glass and stoneware, toiletries, travel effects and toys. In 1911, Bredrup and Caplan agreed to rent a store + a storage room in the outbuilding for 5 years. Already the following year, they entered into a new contract, now for two store rooms and an office on the first floor of the main building + basement and storage room, for 10 years. The contract was renewed in both 1922 and 1932.

      Caplan led the store up to World War II.

      Like so many others in the same situation, Daniel Caplan (1870-1943) chose to flee from Riga in Latvia because of the persecution of the Jews. After visiting England and Trondheim, he settled in Tromsø. Here he solved trading letters in 1911 and eventually he started the business Londoner Bazaar. Typical of today's stores, the selection was very varied. He also made big money as a wholesaler of soap products. Eventually, the sons, Hertze and Solly, also began working in the shop. In addition, five or six people were employed by them. Daniel Caplan is said to have been a caring man. When the welfare institution "Lapphjemmet" burned down, many families lost everything they owned. Caplan provided free household appliances to everyone.

      Before the war, Jewish shops were a significant feature of the cityscape in Tromsø with a total of six stores. Three of these were located in the same area in Strandgata. This environment disappeared with the war and deportations. In the fall of 1942, the large wave of arrests of Jews begins. In the Caplan family, Hertze was the first to be arrested, and then Daniel and his other sons, Conrad, Jacob and Solly. The siblings Pincus and Cecilie managed to escape from the country and survive. A stumbling block was laid outside the house in memory of the family.

      14 Jews from Tromsø lost their lives in the death camps.

      Hjalmar Engen watchmaker's shop, (Amanda Engen), (1940).

      Ingebjørg Caplan

      Changing joint from Daniel Caplan's estate to Mrs. Ingebjørg Nanny Caplan, in 1951.

      Tromsø Materialhandel A / S, lumber, construction products, hardware, kitchen fittings / equipment (disp Ivar Olsen), (1957). Karsten Halstensen, repair shop, bicycles and sewing machines, (1957/77), painter Ludvik Pedersen, (1957), painter Hermann Rognmo, (1957/66). Storbakksand I / S, sand business, (managing director Ivar Olsen), (1966).

      Anne-Lise, (A.- L. Caplan), Women's Underwear, Women's Clothing, (1966/2013). Anne-Lise Caplan is Daniel Caplan's grandson, she was born in 1940.

      Broderistua, (Helga Lind Hansen in 1966/86, Rita Brox in 1990).

      Dentist Lars Liahjell, (1972/82), Norprosjekt A / S, (1972).

      Anne-Lise Caplan Thorkildsen

      Ingebjørg Rotvold died in 1983. The heirs were Markus Rotvold and Anne-Lise Caplan Thorkildsen.

      Home transfer from Markus Rotvold to Anne-Lise Caplan Thorkildsen at ideal ½-party, in 1983.

      Aron Fagervoll, electrical engineering consultant, (1977), architect Sigurd Hamran, (1982/90).

      Block Watne A / S, (1986), Husbanken's district architect for Mid-Troms (S. Hamran), (1986), Kunsthandverkerne Gallery and retail, (1986/99), Tromsø Shoemaker's workshop (Rolf Aaberg), (1986/2013)

      Einar's architectural office, (1993/2013), New Vinleggeren A / S (Aud Klingenberg), (1993/99) Dagbladets Nord-Norgeskontor (Arthur Arntzen, Per Tonstad), (1996/99), Tromsø machinist association, (1996/99) .

      Cutting Edge Frisør AS, Broderistua, (2013).
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    Family Anna Sara GLÜCK,   b. Estonia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1932, Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Jacob CAPLAN,   b. 1903, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 19 Mar 1943, Auschwitz, Oświęcim, Poland Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 40 years)
     2. Cecilie CAPLAN,   b. 1906, England Find all individuals with events at this location
     3. Solly CAPLAN,   b. 12 May 1908, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 16 Dec 1942, Auschwitz, Oświęcim, Poland Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 34 years)
     4. Pincus CAPLAN,   b. 1910, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England Find all individuals with events at this location
     5. Hertze CAPLAN,   b. 18 Jun 1913, Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 3 Mar 1943, Auschwitz, Oświęcim, Poland Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 29 years)
     6. Chone "Conrad" Moses CAPLAN,   b. 2 Dec 1922, Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Feb 1945, Auschwitz, Oświęcim, Poland Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 22 years)
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