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García VI “el Restaurador”, King of Navarre

Male 1105 - 1150  (45 years)

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  • Name García VI “el Restaurador”  
    Suffix King of Navarre 
    Born 1105 
    Gender Male 
    Died 25 Nov 1150 
    • “Don GARCÍA Ramírez Infante de Navarra, son of RAMIRO Sánchez de Navarra Señor de Monzón & his wife doña Cristina Rodríguez ([1105]-Lorca, Navarra 25 Nov 1150, bur Pamplona, Cathedral Santa María). The "Corónicas" Navarras name "al rey don García de Navarra, que dixieron Garçía Remíriz" as the son of "l'ifant don Romiro" and his wife. The Crónica Latina names “el rey de Navarra [García] Ramírez, hijo del infante Ramiro, que fue hijo del infante Sancho de cierta dueña, hijo del rey Gaarcía” and adds that it was said that he was the vassal of king of Castile alter he suceded to the throne. The Crónica de San Juan de la Peña records that "el infant Don Garcia fillo de Don Ramiro, fillo de Don Sancho, rey de Nauarra que fué, el que mató su hermano Remon" (which confuses García Ramírez's paternal grandfather with the latter's legitimate half-brother) was proposed as king of Navarre in particular by "Don Sancho de la Rosa, vispo de Pamplona, et de Ladron fillo de Ennegego Veliz, et de Guillem Aznariz Doteiça, et de Exemen Aznarez de Torres…et Don Ffernan Enneguer Delet". He succeeded his father in 1116 as Señor de Monzón y Logroño. On the death of Alfonso I "el Batallador" King of Aragon and Navarre in 1134, the late king's brother Ramiro succeeded as king of Aragon. However, Navarre succeeded in separating from Aragon under the leadership of García, who succeeded as GARCÍA VI "el Restaurador" King of Navarre. The succession and division of territories was confirmed under the Pact of Vadoluongo in Jan 1135. The "Corónicas" Navarras record that "el rey don Garcia de Navarra" died "viespra de santa Çecilia" after ruling 15 years, in 1178, another manuscript in the series recording the death "VI Kal Dec…apud Loricam" of "Garssias rex Pampilonensis".
      m firstly (after 1130) MARGUERITE de Laigle, daughter of GILBERT Sire de Laigle & his wife Julienne du Perche (-25 May 1141). "Garsias Ranimiriz" confirmed the rights and privileges of the church of Pamplona on the advice of "uxoris mee Margarite regina" by charter dated 1135. The primary source which confirms her parentage has not yet been identified. A charter of Leire monastery dated May 1141 states that “in mense maio in ipso anno…regina Margarita” died.
      m secondly (León 24 Jun 1144) as her first husband, doña URRACA Alfonso de Castilla “la Asturiana”, illegitimate daughter of don ALFONSO VII King of Castile & his mistress Gontroda Pérez (1132-Palencia 26 Oct 1164, bur Palencia, Cathedral San Antolín). The Chronica Adefonsi Imperatoris names "Urraca" as the daughter of King Alfonso VII and his "concubine…Guntroda", recording that she was brought up by the king's sister Infanta Sancha. The Chronica Adefonsi Imperatoris records the marriage of King García and "his [=King Alfonso VII] daughter Infanta Urraca whom he had fathered by Guntroda, the daughter of Pedro Asturiano" on 24 Jun 1144 in León. "Garsias…Pampilonensium rex…cum uxore mea Urraka regina" donated property to the church of Santa María de las Dueñas by charter dated to [1144/50]. The primary source which confirms her parentage and second marriage has not yet been identified. She married secondly (before 1163) as his second wife, don Álvaro Rodríguez de Castro.
      King García VI & his first wife had three children:
      1.Infante don SANCHO de Navarra (1132-Pamplona 27 Jun 1194, bur Pamplona, Cathedral Santa María). The "Corónicas" Navarras name "el rey don Sancho de Navarra" as the son of "al rey don García de Navarra, que dixieron Garçía Remíriz" and his wife "la reyna dona Margerina". He succeeded his father in 1150 as SANCHO VI "el Sabio" King of Navarre.
      2. Infanta doña BLANCA de Navarra ([1137]-12 Aug 1156, bur Nájera, Cathedral Santa María de Real). The Annales Compostellani record the death “II Id Aug” in 1146 of “Regina Branca mater istius Aldefonsi Regis Castellæ…filia Garsiæ Regis Navarræ”, although the year is clearly incorrect. "Rex Sancius…domni Adefonsi imperatoris Hyspanie filius" donated "[monasterium] beate Marie de Naigara" to Cluny by charter dated 30 Aug 1156 "pro remedio…mulieris mee…regine domne Blanche quam in Jagarensi ecclesia sepelire feci". m (Calahorra 30 Jan 1151) Infante don SANCHO de Castilla, son of ALFONSO VII "el Emperador" King of Castile and León & his first wife Berenguela de Barcelona (1134-Toledo 31 Aug 1158, bur Toledo, Cathedral Santa María). He succeeded his father 1157 as don SANCHO III “el Deseado” King of Castile.
      3. Infanta doña MARGARITA de Navarra (-Palermo 1182). The Annals of Romoald name "Margaritam filiam Garsie regis Navarre" as the wife of "rex Guillelmus"[456]. Regent of Sicily 1166-1171. m (1150) GUILLAUME of Sicily Principe di Tarento Duca di Apulia, son of ROGER II King of Sicily & his first wife Infanta doña Elvira de Castilla ([1131]-7 May 1166). He succeeded his father in 1154 as GUILLAUME I “le Mauvais” King of Sicily.
      King García VI & his second wife had one child:
      4. Infanta doña SANCHA de Navarra (1148-1176). The primary source which confirms her parentage and two marriages has not yet been identified. m firstly ([1165]) GASTON [V] Vicomte de Béarn, son of PIERRE Vicomte de Béarn [Gavaret] & his wife Ataresa --- (-1170). m secondly (1173) as his first wife, conde don PEDRO Manrique de Lara Vicomte de Narbonne, son of conde don MANRIQUE Pérez de Lara & his wife Ermesinde Ctss de Narbonne (-Jan 1202, bur Santa María de Huerta). Mayordomo mayor of don Fernando II King of León 11 Feb 1185.
      King García VI had one illegitimate child by an unknown mistress:
      5. don RODRIGO García (-after Jan 1172). The Annals of Romoald name "Henricus naturalis frater regine [Siciliæ]" recording that he went to Sicily where he was installed with "comitatum Montes Caveosi". He moved to Sicily from Spain after the death of Guglielmo II "el Malo" King of Sicily in the hope of profiting from the influence of his half-sister the dowager Queen of Sicily. Hugo Falcandus records that "the brother of the queen was staying at Palermo…he had been called Rodrigo…thhe queen told him to call himself Henry and she gave him the county of Montescaglioso". He was transferred before Dec 1168 to the County of the Principate. m (1167) --- of Sicily, illegitimate daughter of ROGER II King of Sicily by his mistress ---. The Annals of Romoald refer to the wife of "Henricus naturalis frater regine [Siciliæ]" as "unam de filiabus regis Rogerii".”««s87»» [1]
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    Father Ramiro Sánchez,   d. 1116 
    Mother Elvira (Cristina) Rodriguez 
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    Family 1 Marguerite, de Laigle 
     1. Sancho VI “el Sabio”, King of Navarre
    +2. Blanca, de Navarra,   b. Abt 1137,   d. 12 Aug 1156  (Age ~ 19 years)
     3. Margarita, de Navarra
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    Family ID F5200  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family 2 Urraca Alfonso “la Asturiana”, de Castilla 
     1. Sancha, de Navarra
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    Family ID F5257  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

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